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Earth Day

Is it Earth Day again? I was planning to be in DC on unrelated business today, but I’m just as glad I missed it this time. I was in the DC area a couple of years ago and found the Earth Day protesters to be loud, uninformed and a bit silly. And the mess they left behind afterward was ridiculous.

I don’t want to rehash The Topic for the moment. But I will say this. People who are legitimately concerned about the environment are not marching on the mall today or backing an ill-informed anti-corporate agenda. They are in labs and offices all over this country, inventing new sources of energy and new ways to do old things with less mess, less energy and better results. Don Boudreaux has an entire series called “Cleaned by Capitalism” detailing how the free market has made our world cleaner and healthier. Occasionally, some guidance is needed from government — companies weren’t going to stop using lead out of the goodness of their heart. But mostly this happens because we the consumer demand a cleaner world.

If you want to know the kind of world the collectivists would leave us, read up on the environmental disaster that was the Soviet Union — Chernobyl, the Mayak explosion, Lake Karachay, the Aral Sea, the entire western portion of the Czech Republic. Hell, look at China right now. Even the beloved welfare states of Europe, for all their faults and the billions they’ve burned on cap and trade, have refused to embrace the anti-capitalism, anti-corporate bandwagon.

If we ever develop an energy technology that can replace fossil fuels, we won’t need a government mandate to get billions to stampede to it. Cleaner cars and energy-efficient computers don’t need laws; they are already wildly popular. We the consumers do not object to a clean, sustainable planet; we love it. What we object to is a bunch of people who take it upon themselves to command and control society, thinking they have the knowledge and wisdom to guide us to a smarter greener future. They have been consistently foolishly ridiculously wrong again and again. And all the marches and protest signs in the world aren’t going to change that.

Obligatory “Earth Day” post

Have at it. Seriously, I do not feel like rehashing the whole ordeal about how these people are really just watermelons – scratch the surface of a greeny, and find a died in the wool red commie eugenicist- so I will just put this post up, with this video that gave me the chills, to let you vent about this meaningless and totally idiotic day on our calendar.

I screamed too at the end of this video because it reminded me of this:

Happy Earth Day, or something…

Update: I decided to add this before some moron made the point that I want to destroy the world in pursuit of a profit – as if I do not need to breath the same air, drink the same water, and live in the same world as the rest – to clarify that I am all for a clean environment. I do that by always picking up my trash, and sometimes that of others whom you can immediately tell are your usual leftard, teaching my son to love and respect the earth, the environment, and to always do sensible conservation to maintain it, and to in short practice this, and not just preach. What turns me off about the entire environmental movement is that this bunch of creeps are all died-in-the-wool communists pushing that agenda under the guise of environmentalism. The proof is out there after a century of communism that nobody is worse to the environment that these communists.

Just like the scream about fiscal responsibility when it’s a cudgel to beat up their opposition, then set new records in depravity when they control the purse strings, or scream about illegal wars and the murder of innocents, for profit nevertheless, when they are not in power, only to turn a blind eye when they do far, far worse, this is all a ruse. A means to get to an ugly end nobody would go along with but for these lies and faux concerns. It’s the vile and evil things they believe in and actually are trying to get that turn me off, not the need for a clean environment. Watermelons are evil. That’s the point.