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What The Duck!!!!

I did the unthinkable the other day. Doing some last minute Christmas shopping on line, an item that I wanted was only available in store. So yesterday I drove to my local Kohls, grabbed what I wanted and was going to be outa there in less than 5 minutes. While standing in the check out line, I noticed Duck Dynasty crap everywhere, toys in the center isle and books (both on the family and cooking) near the cash registers. Clearly, I was tickled, not so much because I was a fan (at the time I never saw the show but have lately been watching the first season on Amazon Prime, the show is terrific) but anytime those whinny cry baby gay advocate groups get their nose tweaked and their thuggish brown shirt tactics don’t garner the intended results (not everyone will be bullied) it restores my faith in humanity.

No need to go over what happened, everyone should know by now and the sides have pretty much been drawn, except for the sponsors. Some initially bowed to the pressure and reversed course, while others got on the right side right away, knowing which side their bread is buttered.

Initial impression could indicate that Phil Robertson is a red neck hick, too stupid to know what he has wrought, that impression could not be more wrong. He can read his bio. here, the guy is a walking cliche for the American dream. I did not know he was such a football stud, a Masters in education, a self made millionaire. I was also taken by his Come To Jesus moment, as the song says, was lost but now am found.

Re: the GQ interview, as much I thought he was in command of the whole process, clearly he was trying to pander somewhat to his audience, hence the talk about vagina’s, but he knew what the central theme would be, sin, in all it’s manifestations.

I always wonder why famous people talk to these magazines in the first place, anything positive rarely results, except catching the interviewee in a controversial comment, which is then used to sell more magazines (Stanley McCrystal comes to mind).

I’m not surprised that GLAAD had a hissy fit, nor am I surprised that out of all those things he described as sinful ,” Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers — they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right”, that part got them the most upset.

I got an education on how the gay activists work during the Prop. 8 kerfuffle a few years back, they give new meaning to “might makes right” and “There is no prize for second place”, while businesses were vandalized, people were attacked, and real laws were broken. Clearly A&E did not want to tangle with them, and we have seen this play out before, both at Target and Chick fil A.

The Robertson family does not need A&E, my guess is that they will cave and restore Phil pronto, it is all about the samolians.

In watching a few of the episodes, I get the popularity. The concept is about as foreign to me as you can get, never ever killing a critter for food, but the simplicity of living off the land (“I don’t trust store bought meat, never have”), and camaraderie of family (the biggest insult imaginable is calling someone a “bird watcher”) makes it very entertaining. The episode where Phil goes to “career day” at his grand daughters school, then shows the 8th grade class how to field dress a duck, with the resultant nausea in the audience, solid gold.