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Penn Goes Off

Sweet Jesus, yes:

That’s Penn, going off on Obama joking about drug use while he continues to prosecute the War on Drugs. It’s beautiful.

I think Penn hits a point that can not be emphasized enough: the role that class and wealth play in the War on Drugs. As P.J. O’Rourke pointed out in Parliament of Whores, rich connected people who do drugs need treatment and help (or, more often, a bong and a rolled up dollar bill). Middle class and especially poor people “part of the drug problem”.

At some point, this is going to be recognized for the debacle that it is. And when that happens, we can not let men like Barack Obama — or Bill Clinton or George W. Bush or anyone of a million hypocritical Drug Warriors — off the hook. The suffering they have inflicted on millions to assuage their guilt about drugs is incalculable.