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Linda Deserves A Body Slam

First Todd Akin (a virtual dead heat with McCaskill, she really must be unpopular) and now we have sleeping with the enemy, this is repulsive on so many levels;

Sinclair News just got off the phone with Linda McMahon for Senate 2012 Campaign to ask if the below material was in fact distributed by them. “Yes, we did distribute the material telling CT voters to vote for Barack Obama for President and Linda for US Senate, however we only distributed the material to voters we knew already planned on voting for Barack Obama in the hopes of getting them to vote for Linda for US Senate.” Sinclair News then asked, “So the people you gave the material to you know are not going to support Mitt Romney,” and the campaign responded “Yes.”

You stinkin’ coward. Can you imagine, being a Republican from CT. who donates money to the cause, money that you expect to go to GOP candidates, which said candidate spends on promoting the re election of the enemy, what a low life. No amount of damage control (We knew those voters were going to vote for Obama anyway) can make up for this betrayal. To think that Obama just got a paid endorsement from a GOP Senate candidate, he is good.

McMahon has often distanced herself from her Republican colleague on the top of the party ticket saying she does not agree with many or his or Vice-President Nominee Paul Ryan’s statements or stances.

This doesn’t bother me, CT. is a blue state and we saw similar behavior from Scott Brown. Taking a centrist view in a blue state is about all we can ask, but slapping your mug up next to that of the guy your party is trying to defeat, and paying for it in the process, Alex, are you going to vote for this turncoat?

Politics has gotten so smarmy, that whole tree of liberty needing to be refreshed with the blood of patriots thing is really starting to make sense.