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Hey Mr DJ: Resurrection Edition

Welcome to Good Friday. One of the few major Christian observances that does not involve gift-giving or indulgence in pagan traditions. You don’t have to put any trees in your house or hide any eggs in the backyard (until Sunday anyway).

That’s right. Today is all about celebrating Jesus’s horrible torture and death at the hands of the Jews the Romans Mel Gibson. It didn’t end there, of course. He got better.

Jesus somehow went from being an obscure figure who was crucified in a persecuted backwater region of the Roman Empire to its official living God three centuries later. This is without a doubt one of the unlikeliest things that has ever happened in human history.

So I think it’s fitting to select music this week that reflects upon the fantastic, miraculous, and just damned unlikely.

1. Back from the Dead, Assholes: Artists with famous comebacks, artists believed to have died but possibly still around (surely you can find at least one Elvis or Tupac track, can’t you?), those who are in fact deceased, and of course: ZOMBIES. Nothing wrong with getting literal.

2. I Selflessly Did It for You, You Stupid Ingrates: Songs about martyrdom, real or exaggerated. People who found greater glory after death or (hilariously) those who simply overestimated their own genius.

3. Easter Eggs: Do you know of any songs with trivia or hidden stories about them? It doesn’t have to be super-obscure, just something to make others say, “hmm” and then run to Wikipedia to call you out.

Bad Egg Bonus: Think of the artists who were the greatest, most famous, and the richest. Now think about how they turned it all into shit. Bieber is just starting on this path and Lohan already sanctified it. Remember that Judas was once as close to Jesus as could be. Then he blew it. Yes. I want those who got close enough to God to kiss him and then hung themselves, career-wise.

pfluffy: Brother by Alice in Chains. #3: Ann Wilson from Heart performs the backup vocals on the chorus. Yes, you knew that.

Mississippi Yankee: Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus. Bad Egg Bonus. Once a hugely popular country star with a number one song (really!), and now known for everything he touches turning to utter suck, including Miley. The video is just…painful. The mullet, the women, the Chuck Berry dancing…God save us.

Iconoclast: Voodoo Child by Jimi Hendrix. #2: Like most members of the 27 Club, he was much more appreciated after death.

working_man: Boss of Me by David Bowie. #1: A fine comeback album.

Santino: The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage by Panic! at the Disco. #2: Clearly so.

WVR: Immortality by Pearl Jam. #3: This song is frequently rumored to be Eddie Vedder’s commentary on the death and legacy of Kurt Cobain.

Biggie G: The Becoming by NIN. #3: The Downward Spiral was recorded at Roman Polanski’s old house in which the Manson Family committed its famous massacre.

InsipiD: Rocket Queen by Guns N Roses. #3: The woman moaning in ecstasy halfway through the song? Axl was really banging her in the recording studio. They apparently specifically set it up as they wanted that for a song.

stogy: All I have for you is this. It brought me joy this week when I discovered it and that is what a Life with Christ is all about.

Harley: Eulogy by Tool. #1: It’s in honor of Dead American Hero Bill Hicks. Also one of my favorite headphone songs.

CM: Megalomaniac by Incubus. #2: A song about somebody or other who is obviously not Jesus or Elvis.

Here’s a link to the playlist, since half the songs won’t play by copyright restriction.