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Donuts Aren’t Just For Breakfast

Face it, the main reason you place your noggin right in front of that computer screen is to learn stuff, right? I’m going to show you something that will not only impress your friends, feed your family, and get you off that devil welfare, but give you an appreciation for that totally American concept, redneck ingenuity. Time to till that back forty:

Don’t be hatin’ on him just because he’s bad at math. $37.50 for 30 donut seeds is a bit more then a nickle a piece, but he’s a farmer not a math teacher, with big pockets, hence his pocket knife cleaver.

For an hour’s growing time, that is some fertile soil, but little ass donuts, maybe he picked it too soon.

I know we have some regulars that are not Americans, and I know I shouldn’t boast but don’t you wish you had a subset of indigenous citizens like rednecks where you live? Think of the culture, the folklore and the creativity in doing things the way they shouldn’t be done, how blessed we are in the USA.

The right way and the redneck way, not such an easy choice, is it?