Tag: Don’t try to avoid the tax man

Winter is coming…

April 15th, tax day, draws nigh!

Did you buy your jar of Vaseline yet? Yeah, that was a reference to the whole “Game of Thrones” thing, but it is apt. “An evil monster, undead and wanting to draw the very life out of you, the IRS is”, as Yoda would say.

Me, I will be mailing the IRS a check, as I do every year, because I refuse to let these crooks take more than the minimum I am required to allow them to deduct and it is still a big number. That way I can really see the impact these regressive policies have on my earnings. then again, I have the discipline to save, so it is something I can do.

I would not be surprised I end up audited either. The IRS, under this administration, has a documented history of going after people they have issues with. They want their pound of flesh and pint of blood, after all.

The one thing the article doesn’t mention?

The Dutch are starting a campaign to turn their citizens into snitches, by educating them on the means to spot and turn in illegal marijuana growers. The article talks about the “risk” associated with these illegal growers, whom get accused of stealing power to keep their hydroponic operations going, to give this campaign the veneer of legitimacy. But the real reason that the Dutch government is doing this is never mentioned. From the article:

Police estimate the bulk cultivation and sale of cannabis was worth some 2.2 billion euros in 2012, most of it in the hands of criminal organisations.

And that’s the real motivation behind this campaign to turn people into snitches folks. The Dutch politicians are pissed government isn’t getting its cut of that 2.2 billion euros. If you are growing the stuff to sell, you need to be licensed and pay taxes. Pay up BITCHEZ! It’s always about their take with these “social justice” types. It is genius that they pretend to be concerned about anything but the money, though.

I suspect that this campaign will work, and work well. The Dutch have been heavily inculcated with envy of what others have and had subservience to the state beating into them hardcore. After all, this is a country that passed a law restricting the top pay of private company leadership to be on par with what they pay politicians, under the pretense of social justice, and fairness, and what not, but really so the political class could tie support for pay increases of their pay to big donations from their corporate cronies. And they did that by playing on the sheeple’s envy of what others have.