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Under President Obama & the democrats….

WaPo points out that data gathered shows that Wall Street firms — independent companies and the securities-trading arms of banks — have earned more in the first 2 1/2 years of the Obama administration than they did during the eight years of the George W. Bush administration. Why is this happening?

Behind this turnaround, in significant measure, are government policies that helped the financial sector avert collapse and then gave financial firms huge benefits

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Remember what I was talking about?

I am referring to the conversation I had in the comment section of one or more of our OWS posts here about who we really need to be angry at and blame for our current disastrous situation. When I pointed out that these OWS people where barking at the wrong people and that they and most Americans needed to understand who the real culprits and enablers in this mess are, because they where basically asking … Read more

The Law of Intended Consequences

Who could possibly have foreseen this?

Bank of America will become the first major bank to charge customers across the country a monthly fee to shop with their debit cards, part of a wave of changes that are eroding the low-cost model of banking that consumers have long enjoyed.

The $5 fee will debut next year for the bank’s basic checking accounts. It will apply only to debit card purchases and not to ATM

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