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Hey Mr DJ: Template Edition

//begin part 1//

topical discussion about something going on in the news or something you’ve been doing or thinking of lately

lead into the subject; be as long-winded as you like

insert cool nerd reference [Star Wars/Lord of the Rings/Venture Brothers/Jane Austen/Doctor Who]

profanity count: 5/5

//end part 1///

//begin part 2//

insult the reader’s intelligence with smug sense of own superiority

pretend to be bipartisan and that you like everyone to encourage maximum participation

//end part 2//

//begin part 3//

provide song options

[list item 1]easy option for the people who have to go through the cassettes in their glove compartment of their cars to find relevant song titles[end]

[list item 2]harder one that allows you and pfluffy to post the music from your confused and troubled young adulthood or some new music to make the current group of young adults think you’re not old and decrepit[end]

[list item 3]give everyone an option to play something, anything, because it would be embarrassing as shit if you get like, six comments[end]

[bonus]pick something impossible and in poor taste. if one person gets it, you failed [end]

//end part 3//

[insert the playlist embed code]

[sober up and insert the playlist embed code CORRECTLY]

[realize that you inserted the wrong playlist]

[add the correct playlist code correctly]

[there you go]


[Mississippi Yankee] ///overcome momentary desire to start a dick measuring contest and find something country or rockabilly/// Link

[WVR] ///give him one song and then try to blitz him with other songs you think he’ll pick before he can do it to you first/// Link

[stogy] ///try to remember what he’s into>>>look at old dj thread and realize you still have no clue>>>you don’t know what to do, so you bust a move/// Link

[InsipiD] ///wonder why you keep thinking he’s much older than you even though you’re probably less than a decade apart in age>>>damn it>>>play it safe and go with something from the 80’s/// Link

[pfluffy] ///choose anything from an artist popular in the 90’s>>>slip into a nostalgic funk as you go through songs>>>start remembering every bad decision you’ve made in the past 20 years>>>get emotional and take it out on ppl in RL or start a fight on another thread/// Link

[Santino] ///choose something new>>>not too new>>>can’t find anything>>>have you played Muse for him recently?>>>yes.>>>fuck>>>what about that one?>>>oops, he played that one in a thread last month>>>give him something CM played once/// Link

[bgeek] ///item not found/// Link

[CM] ///find something passable, new, and obscure>>>agonize about whether to trade his link with Santino or WVR/// Link

[Biggie G] ///long time span to work with but only high quality will suffice>>>argh/// Link

[Iconoclast] ///killer guitar riffs, drum solos, and Hobbits/// Link

///Done for another week///