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DWS Out, Perez In

I have no idea if Tom Perez will be an effective leader of the DNC. I suspect he will continue to lead the Democrats on their path of condescending ineffectual liberalism. But it would be hard for him to do worse than his predecessor, Debbie-Wasserman Schultz. Known in these parts as Ms. Verbal Diarrhea, DWS became a punchline of conservative blogs for her frequent idiotic and smug statements. With a popular two-term President at her side, she led the Democrats to electoral disaster after electoral disaster, culminating in a humiliating defeat to a semi-sentient yam who lost the popular vote. She put her thumb on the scale to favor one of the worst Presidential candidates in American history, alienating half her party in the process. She was really good at raising money from special interests. And really terrible at translating that into a functional opposition.

I have little hope that the Democrats will turn aside from the big government path they’ve been on since … forever. But maybe they can become a functional opposition party instead of an hysterical incoherent mass of demands.

Update: Walter Olson throws some cold water on the idea that Perez is a moderate:

Perez didn’t give off much of an impression of moderation in the Obama cabinet, however, where he was a leading symbol of regulatory lawlessness, hauled up repeatedly by the courts for trampling employers’ rights. See, for example, Gate Guard (Fifth Circuit describes conduct of DoL as “vindictive,” “indefensible,” “bad faith”), the we-know-where-you-live “persuader” rule (blasted by ABA, enjoined by judge), and of course mid-level overtime (enjoined by judge). More: Dan McLaughlin (Perez’s manipulation of fair housing litigation); John Fund (hiring practices at DoJ civil rights division).

I’ve written about the DoL’s terrible overtime rule before.


Debbie Wasserman Schultz, known in these parts as Ms. Verbal Diarrhea, has apparently resigned from heading the DNC. This is a fallout of the hacked e-mails which shows the DNC trying very hard to favor Clinton and run down Sanders in the primaries. I suspect it was the condition of keeping Sanders in the tent.

I’m not surprised. But I am somewhat disappointed. Schultz was one of the best things that ever happened to the Republicans. Under her leadership, the Republicans retained control of both Houses of Congress, the majority of State Houses, many key Governorships and were poised to take the White House before they nominated a hamster.

Useful Idiots

You know, it’s like if I got knocked out, than woke up on Mars surrounded by Martians (although if possible I would like Clinton with me, he can score anywhere), that’s about sums up the affinity I have (or lack thereof) with those folks in Charlotte. Alternative universe does not describe their thinking, what great little Mao’s they would make:

I’m sure the camera made them nervous and they had not idea what they were saying. Or we could conclude that the party faithful does worship at the alter of big government, that which will provide all our needs and decides what we say and think.

Do you think any of these people know anything at all about business, capitalism or free markets?

This About Sums It Up

I’m curious, for those that watched the DNC last night {crickets} aside from their love affair with the uterus and their War On Women plank, is there any mention of their, you know, record? Any reflection on how they have done having the keys the last 4 years, any cheer leading, high-fiving, jersey popping, or chest bumping over that monstrosity we all call Obamacare?

For those that still haven’t gotten a handle on that 2 thousand page bill, here it is, bite sized for easy consumption:

And yes, she is a real doctor.

I missed Michelle’s speech last night, did she mention that this was the second time in her adult life that she was proud of her country?

“Vile” Does Not Begin To Cover It

There is an old lawyer joke that goes something like this ,” When the facts are against you, argue the law, when the law is against you, argue the facts, when both the facts and the law are against you, call opposing council a schmuck”. The Dems, by their own doing, have been left little options but to call the opposition names.

I’ll leave it up to Hal to cover the DNC. Personally I think most of those guys are beyond contempt, and ordinarily would watch strictly for the comedic affect, but this go round has left them pretty surly due to lack of options they have left.

The Prevailing RNC attitude as put forth by the speakers was that Obama is a failure, by definition I guess that could be considered negative, the proof is in the pudding, you can’t gloss over facts. And even here, this is not name calling but more a reflection of his record.But folks, we ain’t seen nothing yet wrt sure nastiness and ad hominem’s. The convention has not even started yet, but crazy is not something you work up to:

Greetings from the California delegation breakfast at the DNC where before he had a cup of coffee Democratic Party Chair John Burton – much like his ol’ palGuv Jerry Brown once did – just compared the Republicans to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels, for “telling the big lie,” a reference to several falsehoods GOP VP nominee Paul Ryan recently told.

An isolated incident you think? Please!!!!

“It’s like Hitler said, if you’re going to tell a lie, tell a big lie, and if you tell it often enough and say it in a loud enough voice, some people are going to believe you,” Lehman said.

What is this natural affinity Dems have for the Nazi’s? Could it have anything to do with a jealous admiration concerning a manipulation of the masses? I get the feeling that after this convention is over, there is going to be a whole lot of apologies needed.

But don’t think that going the Godwin route will give us any respite from the old tired racist rants, they will never abandon that tactic. Still waiting for that crazy lady from Texas that wears the bright red cowboy hat to chime in.

Even fictional characters are getting the treatment:

At an event for youth held Monday afternoon at the Democratic National Convention Patrick Gaspard, executive director of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), compared 2008 Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin to Lord Voldemort, the villian in the Harry Potter book and movie series.

Too bad Goldwater is dead, otherwise they would be trashing his name as well.

The other night I was watching O’Reilly, a debate was raging between two political operatives, one from each party and while the GOPer was talking about the economy/jobs/reduced wages/entitlements, the Dem guy could not get out of his own way of talking about Romney and his taxes, when is he going to release his tax returns, it was comical.