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Another aircraft gone missing

Was or this terrorism, or will we see this thing listed on e-Bay soon?


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Seriously, photo-op turns deadly?

Where they high when they failed to realize a train was barreling down on them? Seriously, I do not want to talk bad about people struck by tragedy, but how do you sit on a track and miss the vibrations and noise of a train coming at you? There has got to be more to this story….… Read more

Oh, OK Then. Help People If You Must

I had trouble believing this story when it came out over the weekend but didn’t see any explanation. I think this may be the closest we get:

A transport truck carrying relief items for victims of the deadly tornadoes in Moore Oklahoma, has been given the approval to cross into the United States.

The 52-foot long truck carrying the goods was stopped at customs after crossing the Ambassador Bridge Wednesday night.

It was carrying 20,000

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Paying for Sandy

Back when he was still awesome, Rush Limbaugh use to say that the most dangerous place in America was between Chuck Schumer and a camera. And you just knew he was going to say something stupid about Hurricane Sandy:

Sen. Charles Schumer called the fallout from Hurricane Sandy a “national disaster” and called on a federal government to cover at least 90% of the costs.

“This is one of the biggest disasters to have

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Profiles in Cowardice

It’s the must-listen audio of the day as the “captain” of the Costa Concordia refuses to obey the Coast Guard’s increasingly angry demands that he return to his sinking ship:

I ran this by a few native Italian speakers and they have told me the translation doesn’t quite capture the color of the Coast Guard’s language. At one point, he calls Schettino an Italian slang word for penis, the equivalent of calling him a little … Read more

Reporting The Obvious

I always get a chuckle out of folks that seem surprised at the stupidity of some people. Instead of trying to analyze the disconnect in the the thinking process, a more seasoned anthropologist would just sit back and enjoy the comedy.

This poor reporter can’t understand the behavior of some locals when confronted with Irene:

Alcohol does lessen the impact of calamity, but why is this guy speechless? With the power out in your house, … Read more

Collapse in Indiana

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the horrific footage of the stage collapsing at the Indiana State Fair yesterday. Five people were crushed to death.

What’s remarkable about the video, however, is how everyone responded. You can see, before the collapse, people trying to get out of the way. It’s not a stampede. Afterward, there’s plenty of screaming, but not a Hollywood-style panic. Instead, there is a surge of people forward to try to help: … Read more

The China Crash

With everything on this weekend, a huge story got missed. I saw it on Twitter but forgot about it. Here we go:

With all the other horrible events of the weekend, China’s high speed rail crash sort of faded into the background. But the toll is horrific: 43 dead, and hundreds more injured after one high speed train ran into another. Critics are now arguing that this is the result of cut corners in the

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The Paralysis Of Liability

Here is another one of those posts, like the Charity one I wrote a couple of weeks back, where the rightness of the position lies in how well it is articulated, either side can be right.

Last week a mentally ill man calmly walked into the ocean and in front of a number of people including both police and fire personal, slowly drowned himself, with no one lifting a finger to stop him:

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