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FBI Better At Keeping CIA Director’s Affair Secret Than He Is

In my initial post on l’Affaire Petraeus, I expressed skepticism about whether there was something more sinister surrounding his resignation for broadening the well, if you will.  The timing, I did question, but I didn’t read much more into it than a guy getting stupid and certainly didn’t see or expect a Benghazi connection.

Well, here’s the twist: He didn’t get stupid and spill the beans.  The woman he was nailing did and went full … Read more

The Disgrace Ends

In prior threads I have praised Obama for putting on his big boy pants, trashing all those silly promises he made on the campaign trail, and growing a pair wrt protecting the nation. Say what you will about his lack of economic chops (we certainly have on this blog) but turning into a true blue John Wayne terror warrior, who saw that coming?

We have already chronicled most of his about faces:

1) increased funding … Read more