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The Worst Senator in America

Diane Feinstein is having quite a day, today. I have a big post coming up on guns, but let’s lead off with her gun bill. If I read it correctly, many standard handguns would fall under the category of “assault weapons”. It is far broader and far more invasive than her last “assault weapons ban”. It grandfathers in certain weapon but forces owners to register them.

That would be a bad day for anyone who has sworn an oath to defend the Constitution. But the FISA bill is up for consideration today and DiFi just gave as speech blasting Rand Paul, Mark Udall and Ron Wyden for trying to get even a modicum of oversight into the President’s ability to tap phones without a warrant. She went so far as to basically imply that we would have another 9/11 if we didn’t give unlimited power to the White House.

I’m not going to mince words. DiFi has been a senator for twenty years and her record is one of constantly deferring to government power and constantly despising the basic liberties that the American people are supposed to have. In addition to her assaults on the second and fourth amendments, she was a big supporter of PIPA. And yet, she enjoys high approval numbers in California and has easily won re-election every time she’s up.

So thanks a lot for that, California. Thanks a pantload.