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Diane Tran, Reloaded

The power of the internet, my friends:

Diane Tran, the Texas honor student who was jailed last week for missing too much school, will not have to worry about telling future employers or college admissions offices that she has a criminal history.

Lanny Moriarty, the judge who ordered the 17-year-old to go to jail after more than ten unexcused school absences, has set aside the contempt of court order he entered last week, according to Tran’s lawyer, Brian Wice.

There is no question the contempt order would still be in place had Moriarity’s decision not been splashed across a million web pages. It’s getting harder and harder for these assholes to get away with stuff.

It gets better:

Her story resonated across the country and throughout the world. Nearly $100,000 in donations have come in from 49 states and 18 countries, according to HelpDianeTran.com, a site established in part by the Louisiana Children’s Education Alliance (LCEA), a non-profit that focuses on education reform.

People looked at Diane and said, “This! This is the kind of person we should be holding up as an example.”

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