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Charity bleg – Tour de Cure 2011

Tour de Cure

Photo credit: Nessie Photography - http://flic.kr/p/9LMdNw

Some of you may have wondered why I haven’t “passed the hat” yet. Well, partly because I hate doing it, and mainly I knew I was going to post this soon. I’d rather the hat get passed for this.
I’m riding the Tour de Cure event in North Haven, CT this year. Hoping for the metric century (100K/62-ish miles, although the route they have mapped out is more like 73!). If you’d like to sponsor my ride to help fight diabetes,you can donate online here.

While I share the belief of many that large charity organizations are at best top-heavy, the main goal of the American Diabetic Association is to inform & educate people with diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions. This is the kind of mission that can only be done by a large group with good name recognition. I only have four charities that I truly care about, and this is one of them.

As you may know, as we age the risk for getting Type II diabetes increases dramatically even when we do everything right, and our population as a whole is trending older and older each year. But, did you also know that one of the largest growing segments of Type II diabetes patients is now children? Type II used to be called “Adult Onset” diabetes. Now that so many more children are getting this disease each year, the medical community has dropped that name. So many kids get what was an adult disease, doctors have dropped the “adult” part. The American Diabetic Association can do a lot of good by educating children and parents as to how they can fight off Type II diabetes, and that’s why I am supporting them. I’m asking for your help as well.

The North Haven Tour de Cure is June 12th. You can donate anytime, but I need to raise $150 by the 11th or they won’t let me ride. It’s a good cause. One that can actually reduce health costs to society in the aggregate if they can spread the message of education. On top of that, we’re all likely to at least flirt with Type II diabetes if we live long enough. In my opinion, it actually benefits us all to support this particular organization…and what’s a better motivation than self-interest?