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Miller Time

Late night TV is too late for me. I catch some clips from Kimell from time to time on the internet, I like him, but the rest are pretty much mouth pieces (like the rest of Hollywood) for the latest DNC talking points. Check out Miller last night on Leno:

I catch Miller’s radio show from time to time, his regulars are some of the funniest cats going. But look how easy Leno resorts to his liberal cliff notes, war on women/ dems are more compassionate/Obama cares about the little guy, what a pantload of nonsense.

I heard that once the RNC convention gets going, they will have a running debt clock posted in the background (what a great idea,btw) and sometime during this convention the magical $16 trillion mark will hit, a moment of silence and maybe a prayer for our very survival would be appropriate.

The Republicans could very easily turn this whole farcical mime right back at them. Considering that each of us now has an individual obligation of about $114,000 to cover this debt, this is their war on women. Ditto with the unemployment numbers, more war, consumer confidence at a record low, cost of living, stagnant wages, harder to make ends meet, all warfare.

And how about the children (I sound like a caring compassionate lefty bringing up the children) and their rosy future, putting $16 trillion on their backs, sounds like warfare directed right at them. A diminished America where the next generation will have it worse then we do, where the tax burden will be greater but the services provided are less, where everything will be more expensive but with less available, where even government will have an even greater reach into our lives and our decisions because we did not limit it’s growth when we had the chance.

Obama keeps telling us that this election will determine the direction we want our nation to take, he could not be more right.