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Want to see what propaganda looks like?

Then take a look at how “The Hill” reports the likely defeat of an idiotic democrat scheme to help union bosses make more money and lard democrat campaign coffers at the expense of economic growth, in the democrat controlled senate of all places, is happening because of republican resistance! As if you needed more proof that this is just political jockeying by the democrats, I show you this:

The Democrats’ minimum wage bill is

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Did I call it, or what?

In this post from a week or so ago where I pointed out how the whole poor Martin vs. evil racist Zimmerman story seemed to be full of holes and things that looked like outright lies by the LSM, I mentioned how NBC had inexplicably altered audio from that event. The issue was how what NBC ran made Zimmerman look like he was bigot and racist, when the real clip proved the exact opposite. … Read more

If you doubted the sycophants in the LSM where tools of the left..

Then have a look at this joke that they try to pass off as a serious article at Newsweek by of all people, the guy that once pretended to be a conservative, “Mad Andy Sullivan”. Mad Andy basically says Obama critics are dumb. Pointing out that the campaigner in chief isn’t as smart as the sycophants want us to believe makes us dumb? Damn Andy, that is too funny! You attention whore, you!

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LSM trying to bullshit us again..

I told you this was coming, and well, here it is:

(Reuters) – Home sales rose in November, adding to hints of recovery, but updated data showed the housing crash was much deeper than previously thought.

The National Association of Realtors said on Wednesday that sales of previously owned homes increased 4 percent from October to an annual rate of 4.42 million units.

At November’s sales pace, the 2.58 million unsold homes on

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