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Check your privilidge, retards.

Nobody can say stupid shit like a leftist preaching their dogma, and one of the champions at making ludicrous and idiotic claims is Black Jesus. For example, when he, at a $32K per plate fund raiser told his audience that the GOP is the party of the ultra-rich. I am sure all the poor homeless people and regular blue collar workers attending that rump all empathized with his bullshit.

Insane and stupid leftard narrative uber alles!

Indepentant – mainstream media reporter’s take on Obama selling job plan

Obama’s pandering to people to pass Stimulus Part Deux the same as Jesus talking to disciples! This is what comes from a member of what I am told by those that claim to know better than me what qualifies one as a member of the independent/mainstream circle, and it beats any possible parody you can dream up with. If this nonsense is what it takes to be mainstream or independent, I can honestly say that I am proud to be amongst the radicals. No surprise it comes from NPR, that oh so centrist and mainstream, “press” organization.

Leftist scumbag fails to see the irony of his own pronouncement

Krugman, that jackass that was given a Nobel prize in Eonomics for being a good old fashioned Keynesian idiot and the politics that permeate the entire Nobel prize process, is out with another doozy. This time it isn’t some economic idiocy, but him saying that Fake heroes like Bernie Kerik, Rudy Giuliani, and, yes, George W. Bush raced to cash in on the horror.

I am not surprised Krugman feels this way. I recall some democrats, and it was more than one of them, feeling all down and miserable that 9-11 had not happened when Bill Clinton was president, because that would have let the man show how great of a “leader” – yes, that’s in quotations because this is coming from the idiot farm that thinks a slimy, smooth talking, used car salesman, conman, or an articulate minority community organizer equates to leadership – and now Bush was going to cash in on that.

Basically Krugman, like all these democrats are heartbroken this national tragedy didn’t happen when one of their own could take advantage of it are all thinking what Rham Emmanuel so aptly said in the below video, and projecting their own baser instincts and disgusting sense of morality on others.

Seriously, is there nothing these scumbags like Krugman and the other elitist academics that comprise the elite progressive ruling class hold sacred other than taking absolute and total control of every aspect and minutia of the lives of all of us serfs? For our own good of course. And yet, for some unexplainable reason, there are so many drones out there that actually believe these people mean well. Yeah, they mean as well as Mengele did. Of course having a complicit media sure helps.

Anyway, thanks for validating my opion of you Paul, and making me think I should have actually consider you to be an even bigger scumbag than I already do. The left prjecting what they really believe and do on others is a godsent.

Alright, Who Knows Someone Like This?

The use of parody is the most effective when the ridicule is cumulative, when those targeted with comic effect are the very last ones in the room to “get it”.¬† Subtlety and accuracy are also necessary, but the absurdity must be gradual.

xtranormal is a cute little site where you can make your own personalized animated movie. There is also a treasure trove (yeah, that phrase will be forever linked to OBL’s stash of terrorist intel.) of cute video’s over at youtube where liberals are made fun off, for the amusement of the rest of us, their latest creation:


OK, who does not know somebody exactly like this woman? Living in the land of the heathen, the S.F. Bay Area, I got more than a handful of friends like this, most could watch the whole video without the slightest clue that they are being punked. xtranormal does¬† a nice job because all the tells are revealed. You got the selective memory, the revisionist history, the key catch phrases (Halliburton) and even the folded arms at the end like ,”Why aren’t you smart enough to see how His Awesomeness has saved humanity”.


There is a series of them over there at youtube, check some of them out. Not only are they cathartic, further grounding you in your convictions and beliefs, but if lunacy is ever to be exposed, it has to be revealed. Me, I just like laughing at them, it helps a bit as I’m stuck in the back seat of the Obama wagon, barreling towards the cliff.