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Some good news about another member of the LSM

On this first Friday in February I figured I would share some great news with you. There is justice in the universe. Yeah, they try to pretend the problem is that readers are ditching print for digital media, but that is like saying people are ditching arsenic and eating healthy. Most of us went digital because the LSM, which accounts for the bulk of the printed media output, simply isn’t worth the materials their screed is printed on.

Note also how the NYT, one of the biggest proponents of liberal lala-land sure as hell seems to want to run itself just like one of those evil corporations they so love demonizing, huh? The financial demise of the liberal propaganda machine can’t come quick enough for me. Watch the democrats come up with regulations to bail these shills out and/or subsidize the propaganda, just like they have entities like ACORN, or whatever they call the numerous spinoffs of this dirty conglomerate these days, in the name of some kind of fairness or another. The paying public be damned for not just eating these shit sandwiches up and asking for more.