Tag: Death worshippers at it again

Peace? We don’t need no stinking peace!

That peace deal with the “o so maligned” Palestinians? It’s a damned farce. As usual this isn’t peace, this is a lull on the storm so they can rearm, but the usual stupid stooges in the LSM are glad to pretend they mean it this time. See we already are seeing Hamas reminding the peace lovers what the end game really remains for them all. Check the video out:

In the mean time the helpful nations of the world are sending in emergency supplies to the poor Palestinians. This is happening while the other death cultists, the ones that are better at hiding what they are about, are hoping to join one of the most evil organizations on the planet. France sure is for it! Seriously, can we send the UN packing yet?

I am sure all this other nonsense will be drowned out anyway, as this other circus is starts up soon. I hope they finally come clean and admit the dude died of AIDs. I know! George W. Bush did it! Heh.