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Death, European style!

First we had the story of th lady that liked to do the horizontal mambo with bones, and now we get this:
A Swedish inventor has created a musical coffin Рwith an in-built stereo sound ­system.

Fredrik Hjelmquist says his CataCombo Sound System is the ideal gift for music lovers who do not want to rest in peace.

It allows people to compile their own personal playlist before they die so their ­favourite music can be streamed into their grave.

The £18,500 system even allows relatives to update the songs for their dearly departed via Spotify and a Catatomb app, using a touchscreen built into the headstone.

Your name wouldn’t happen to be Fredrik Hjelmquist, right Kimpost? (SMILE)

Of course, it is unfair to pick on you Swedes when your fellow Europeans are thinking about this, or even this. Maybe this Swedish guy is hoping to capitalize on so many other European nations offing more of their people by pushing the “feeling less guilt because you at least gave them a cool coffin”, angle? And speaking of offing Europeans, Berlusconi seems like he wants to off the EU. Maybe that whole end of the Mayan calendar thing coming up this Friday is going to take care of all this crazy crap.