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Purity Bear

Because you haven’t watched any video this week until you’ve watched this one:

If there were any justice in this world, the clip would end with the boy fucking the bear. Just to make the circle of creepiness complete.

This is from Liberty Counsel, a group that supports the usual nos — no sex, no sex education, no birth control, no HPV vaccines, no gays and, apparently, no acting lessons. This is in support their “Day of Purity” when teens will celebrate abstaining from sex. Having abstained from sex through high school — not of my own volition — this isn’t exactly something I would celebrate. I would have spent it more raging at my invisibility to the fairer sex and wishing I were dead (or played football).

But to each his own.

I just don’t see this being effective. If I were a teenager, this ad would make me run out and defile myself at once just to make sure I never ever encountered that damned bear.