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Axlerod’s Dollars

You know, instead of trying to delegitimize the Court’s decision before they make it (assuming they overturn Obamacare, which at least SCOTUSblog thinks won’t happen), the media could be, I dunno, talking about how we got Obamacare in the first place:

Rewind to 2009. The fight over ObamaCare is raging, and a few news outlets report that something looks ethically rotten in the White House. An outside group funded by industry is paying the former firm of senior presidential adviser David Axelrod to run ads in favor of the bill. That firm, AKPD Message and Media, still owes Mr. Axelrod money and employs his son.

The story quickly died, but emails recently released by the House Energy and Commerce Committee ought to resurrect it. The emails suggest the White House was intimately involved both in creating this lobby and hiring Mr. Axelrod’s firm—which is as big an ethical no-no as it gets

You should read the whole thing, which is as complicated as a Wall Street scam. It describe an advocacy group created by Democrats and funded by industry to support Obamacare. This was, you remember, at a time when it was opposition to reform was being blasted as industry astroturfing. Anyway, at White House direction, the lobbying group hired Axlerod’s firm to run ads.

To me, the corruption or appearance thereof in the hiring of AKPD is the lesser issue, although the one that runs afoul of ethics laws. The more telling thing — the thing the mainstream media has rarely talked about — is how deeply involved industries like big Pharma, big Labor and Big Medicine were in the writing, promotion and ultimate passage of PPACA.

Just something to keep in mind tomorrow if/when the Left Wing starts screaming about the will of the people being over-written.

Aside: I have no idea how the Court is going to rule tomorrow. There’s a part of me that worries about an overturn since Obamacare without the mandate is worse for our country that Obamacare with one. And I don’t trust Congress to find a fix if industry suddenly has to insure everyone no matter what. As far as the Constitution goes, however, I think overturning it is the right thing to do. And I’m disgusted by the attempts of the Left to undermine the decision before it’s been made.

(If the Court does uphold Obamacare, the only solace would be watching the Left have to backpedal and admit they were wrong … if the Left had any shame. But the don’t, so I expect they would simply declare victory and pronounce the law unrepealable since SCOTUS upheld it.)

In the end, if SCOTUS just overturns the mandate, the consequences will be slow in coming. As Ezra Klein points out, under Obamacare, not having insurance is a really great deal. You can pay only a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a year and still get insurance at the last minute. This is what happens when a law is crafted to politics rather than results.