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Dropping Faster than Snooki’s Underpants

Dave Barry has his Year in Review post up again and it’s definitely worth your time. One of my favorite quips:

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, having dealt with all of the city’s other concerns — disaster preparation, for example — turns his attention to the lone remaining problem facing New Yorkers: soft drinks. For far too long, these uncontrolled beverages have roamed the city in vicious large-container packs, forcing innocent people to drink them

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Barry on 2011

Dave Barry reviews 2011, which was a pretty crappy but probably less crappy than previous years. I mean, it can’t be all bad when bin, Laden Gadhafi and Lil’ Kim all went to that Great Torture Chamber Down Below. Still it takes someone like Dave Barry to make us laugh at it.

But all of these developments, unfortunate as they were, would not by themselves have made 2011 truly awful. What made it truly awful

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