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PSY-ched Out

Our music threads that I have tried sporadically here have not been real popular (maybe that will change) but occasionally I hear of some music craze that is worth blogging about. More due to age then anything else but I have my own music interests (love Pandora,btw,listen to it almost nightly) so I am usually out of the loop with current musical trends. I don’t MTV (is that still on?) or follow whats “in”. I don’t like rap, hip/hop, or R&B, but some current stuff is of interest to me, Katy Perry (thank God she dumped that wanker Russell douchenozzle), some Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Adele, Taylor Swift.

I ran into a funny video done by Naval Academy midshipman, something called Gangnam Style, hadn’t a clue what it was all about so I went right to the source. You got to be kidding, a S. Korean Lady Gaga, I guess I can finally ditch that Macarena CD.

I would hope that these guys don’t get into trouble for making the video, it sure beats peeing on dead Taliban dudes.

One of my son’s best friends in school, oddly enough he is also Korean, sharp as a tack and the perfect role model, is going to West Point next year. He is bright enough to be successful anywhere but he has made up his mind to be an officer and make the Army a career. I have talked to him a few times about what he should expect and what he can do now to prepare. Next time I see him I’m going to mention that he best work on his dancing skills.