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Like taxes and Democrats? Move to Connecticut.


Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy signed a $40.1 billion two-year budget that raises taxes by $2.6 billion, the biggest increase in state history, according to Republicans who fought the plan.

The budget passed by the House of Representatives and Senate yesterday raises taxes on incomes of more than $50,000 a year. It boosts the retail-sales levy to 6.35 percent from 6 percent while broadening it to cover previously exempt goods and services. The rate becomes 7 percent on “luxuries” such as $1,000-plus clothing and boats above $100,000.

“Unlike so many other states which have seized the opportunity to restructure government and make it sustainable, we continue on a bender,” Senator Andrew Roraback, a Goshen Republican, said before voting against the budget backed by Malloy, a Democrat elected in November. “We’re going to be spending more next year by taxing people,” Roraback said.

But it’s (allegedly) a balanced bender, so that makes it okay, right?

That 0.35% sales tax increase is going to crush people in the cities that are already having massive problems paying for necessities amongst rising food & fuel costs. And because the cheapest food is also the food that is fattening us up as a nation, our esteemed leadership just doubled down on making Connecticut fatter. But then we’ll die younger and the state won’t have to pay for shit anymore, so…upside?

The minute I can swing it, we’re leaving this state, which will be a few years, much to my chagrin. Sure, there’s a few things here and there that you can say are good, but generally Connecticut is devoid of culture. Pop, traditional or otherwise. It’s a state that is mostly vast swaths of poverty or strip malls punctuated by colleges. And of course mainly a suburb of NYC to the south. And now we have 2.6 billion – with a B! – in new taxes on 3.5 million people.

Yeah, Linda McMahon don’t sound so fucking bad right about now, does she, my fellow Nutmeggers? Feel like you made a mistake yet?