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A new strategy to deal with the Obamacare bomb

Knowing full well that they cannot hide or provide effective cover for the abysmally bad Obamacare website they told us would make signing up go smooth and quick, even as the thing bombed worse than a nuke going off in orbit, I am not surprised to suddenly see progtard apologists pursue a new strategy. So our expectations were dashed because the Obamacare’s website is broken? Don’t despair! Don’t take this as a sign that’s what the government takeover of the now universally mandated healthcare system will be. Oh, no, just rethink it. We should have expected problems. It was predictable! Even when the liars steering the clown car in D.C. the Obama administration had told us this thing was ready to hit the ground running, only to watch it blow up in an even more spectacularly ugly way than the Disney release of “The Lone Ranger” did. No, really: it is remarkable that anyone was even able to sign up at all!

You can’t make this level of stupid up. They are even willing to lie to themselves to cover up for the fact that this thing is a disaster. Reality will never intrude on their fantasy. Patheric.