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Oh, OK Then. Help People If You Must

I had trouble believing this story when it came out over the weekend but didn’t see any explanation. I think this may be the closest we get:

A transport truck carrying relief items for victims of the deadly tornadoes in Moore Oklahoma, has been given the approval to cross into the United States.

The 52-foot long truck carrying the goods was stopped at customs after crossing the Ambassador Bridge Wednesday night.

It was carrying 20,000 kilograms of goods, including diapers, blankets, food and locally grown produce.

“We had all the items we wanted to ship listed with the proper documentation for the border. We couldn’t figure out why we were being detained,” says Pastor Howard Mulder of Windsor Lifeline Outreach.

A U.S. customs broker says because President Barack Obama didn’t declare Moore a ‘disaster area,’ the shipment is seen as commercial.

Therefore, all items must be listed with proper documentation and country of origin.
Organizers say it would have been impossible to complete before the food spoils.

I understand the Border Patrol’s position here but you’d think someone would have declared Moore enough of a disaster area to allow this sort of thing to go through. It’s yet another one of the innumerable instances in which government doesn’t quite ruin our lives — the shipment went through in the end — but throws up so many roadblocks, so much paperwork and so much aggravation that you eventually start wondering why you bother to do anything that isn’t mandated.

Oklahoma got whacked again a few days ago and is starting yet more storms this week. Hopefully, we won’t see any more foolish stories like this.