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If you are a lefty looking for whatever your “ism” du jour is…

As Obama’s true colors and ineptness finally overwhelm even the media’s most rabid attempts to control the narrative, and American people realize how much of a dimwitted idiot – inept asshole is fitting a name here – and that Obama’s promise to fundamentally change America definitely meant changes that would destroy the once great nation, and react accordingly, by showing their disapproval, it is no surprise to me that the Obamas and the left are desperate to silence the naysayers. Hence the preponderance of stories like this one where Obama tells about how the country is full of closet racists. Funny thing is that it isn’t even a month ago that I was actually standing in front of a fancy restaurant’s valet parking area, with a young lady of all things, having a discussion about the day’s events, when some idiot in a Mercedes pulled up and asked me to park his car. We both chose to laugh the whole thing off. After all, we were standing where people drop of their car, and the guy just assumed the wrong thing. Shit like this happens, and to always assume racism or some other ill intent is behind it, tells more about you and about the stupid attempt to perpetuate your narrative, than it does about the person that made the mistake.

Then you have Moochelle’s story about how she was asked to pull shit off a shelve at a Target. Must have happened a long time ago, because I doubt she does her own shopping these days, and if she does, I doubt it is at Target. Of course to her this happened because of the inherent racism of the person asking. Like her husband, she never assumed anything but ill intent and racism on behalf of the person that asked. My bet is that we are dealing with a short old lady that just figured the Wookie could reach the top shelve with ease, and asked. Moochelle, not proud at all of her country, as she herself has told us, immediately assumed racism was involved. After all who would ask a tall woman for help unless they assumed she was the help in the first place, huh? It’s just crazy to expect some stranger might want to help you out!

There is a nagging suspicion in me that I can not shake, and while I am inclined to chalk all this off to people looking for racism always finding it, whether it is there or not, and that is that I can’t let go of my feelings that that this shit is all made up anyway. We are dealing with a bunch of hucksters that want to control the narrative and take focus away from the problems they have caused, and they have used this very tactic, repeatedly, in the past. At this time when Obama and the left are imploding we sure seem to have a slew of leftist media peddled stories about all the various “isms” and abuses their special interest groups feed on all fall apart when closely scrutinized, haven’t we? From the leftist take on what happened in Ferguson and how the LSM chose to report it – until the facts bore out that story was a heaping pile of dung – to their take of Jackie’s frat party rape fest at a UVA by some fact checking challenged writer at Rolling Stone, we have had story after story peddled either fall apart or turn out to be blatantly made up shit. Conveniently, neither the story by Moochelle or the Manchurian candidate can actually be researched properly and validated, and I doubt anyone in the LSM would do so anyway if it could be done, as recent events have bore out.

Perspective matters, and we should keep that in mind whenever you hear one of these media sob stories peddling the grievance politics of the left, I tell you. And again, I have to admit that I am not a bit surprised that Obama’s promise of healing America and the post racial age, like all his other promises, fall flat. In fact, the age of Obama has brought us a lot more of the things candidate Obama told us he would do away with or fix. My only consolation is that people are finally wising up and this weapon that served the left so well in the past to squash any attempts at having a debate based on logic and facts, has lost its luster. More and more people can now immediately see this bullshit for what it is, and I do have to thank the media and the Obama’s for that.

To close 2013 and open 2014, lets do some more of the same

When you are a progressive, your failures are always someone else’s fault. We spent the first 3 years of Obama’s criminal tenure with them constantly blaming Boosh. And they did so even when they took the very things the left pretended to hate about the Boosh tenure to new and unbelievable heights. The list of broken promises is staggering. Remember Gitmo? Don’t hear much about it these days, but it not only is still there, from accounts whenever you do get the DNC propagandists to actually pretend they care, the place is worse than it ever was. Then we have the new wars, erm, kinetic actions – the new term that the LSM & this WH concocted to not say the Nobel peace prize winner and his criminal gang were starting new wars – in half a dozen places. Remember the need to bomb Syria immediately? What happened with that? Maybe it’s the disastrous condition Libya and Yemen have been left in. And team Obama managed to not just pull defeat out of the jaws of victory in Iraq, they managed to do the same in Afghanistan. Illegal operation in Benghazi goes bad? It is some dweeb that made a Youtube movie, not the inept idiots running the show.

Let’s not forget the drone strikes that have cost so many their lives, including US citizens that were killed without due process. Sure, for now they claim these were real terrorists, but who knows with this gang of mobsters? It’s not like we lack evidence that they have used other government agencies against their political enemies. From the selective enforcement of our laws by Holder at the DOJ to the IRS targeting Obama’s political enemies to help him for the 2012 election, and more such acts of intimidation to follow that win, by the IRS, this government has used every agency they can against those they want to cower and/or shut up, so why think they would stop at using military force? Shit, they have the NSA spying on us all, and they even tried to pretend that that despite the fact that the Boosh people would have had a permanent boner if they had been able to do what they are doing under this administration, that this was all started by Boosh. The abuses of power and anti-constitutional behavior by the Obama crime syndicate has been staggering, but it never seems to stick to these crooks.

Take a quick look at the economic damage and misery they have caused. Obama and his cronies have spent the last 5 years pretending they would fix an economic implosion they conveniently attribute to the other side, while ignoring that this came precisely because people that worship at the same altar of collectivism they do tried to socio-engineer a reality that completely ignored the laws of economics and human nature in the real world. Ironically they spend a lot of effort and time blaming Wall Street right after they engineered a huge wealth transfer of tax payer money to these people. Pelosi doubled the money that the idiots in the Boosh administration intended to hand out, then engineered an illegal government buyout of two US car makers, for the first time ever screwing over bond holders in a move that compromised confidence in our bond market, causing the US bond rating to be dropped for the first time ever, all to favor their union buddies. How many times has Obama told us he was going to finally focus on fixing the economic woes of the policies and extralegal maneuvering policies he and his people have subjected us to have caused? My recollection is that we are on iteration 19 or 20. We have the largest percentage of unemployed and underemployment of my lifetime, and they keep passing more social engineering regulations that only serve to make things worse. And the list of things they have done that have gone abysmally wrong goes on and on. And it with all of this, it is always someone else’s fault things are not getting better.

So fast forward to the latest, and probably most destructive progressive policy of the last 8 decades – aptly labeled Obamacare to link the destructive unconstitutional and insane law with a president of the same ilk – and would you be surprised that the problem isn’t the fact that this pile of shit is defective, ill conceived, destructive, ignores the way things work in the real world, was put together by people that we shouldn’t even trust to run a lemonade stand, and ultimately seems to have been engineered to fail, precisely because they hope bringing the system we have crashing down will finally let them have government take over all healthcare. No surprise then that they want to blame someone else for their failure.

This year began with promise. But, it ended with disappointment for many African-Americans. Tragically, this country is quite used to bad things happening to Black people within the justice system.

In January, President Barack Obama began his second term. However, southern White radicals vowed to stop implementation of the Obama-care law leading one to wonder if Tea Party members would oppose affordable healthcare if it came from a nonBlack President.

Ah yeah, this thing is a disaster, not because the fools that put it together were high and totally disconnected from how things work in the real world, but because of racist southern honkeys! I guess blaming the insurance industry just rang too hollow of a lie for even these morons. So queue the racists! I am sure they are the ones that wrote this dysfunctional 2000 page plus behemoth in the first place only to follow up that coup by sabotaging the Obamacare website! I could spend page upon page trying to show how insane and stupid these people and their “blame someone else” practice are, but it is a waste of time. Those of us that see the cult for what it is get it: those that are part of the cult will never give up doing what they do. The tragedy is that there are so many low information people out there that used to not pick up on this fact, until the very Obamacare disaster started screwing them over.

Being a progressive must mean you are not ever going to be bothered by reality. Why would you when there is always someone to blame or fleece?

You got it backwards woman..

Ophra recently took to the air to push the meme that people dis Obama because he is black. What a pile of shit. Obama has gotten away with murder because he is black. I for one admit that I am super careful what i say about him precisely because I want to avoid having people be able to ignore the argument on its merits and accuse me of being a racist. There are countless others like me out there. If Obama was white, I would never show the restraint I do now discussing how fucking incompetent he is. The fact of the matter is that the left has banked on Obama’s race as a means to avoid havign to explain or take responsibility for their failures. Ophra is just helping get more of that feigned indignation thing going.