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Bad Ads

I think this is going to be a recurring theme this election cycle, not that this is a bad thing per se, talk about entertainment value. I thought that ad with wheelchair bound granny getting pushed off of the cliff was about as sordid and smarmy as anyone would dare go, boy, do I feel foolish.

Janice Hahn is running for Congress. As you can see by her web page, she has the endorsements of Bill Clinton and Planned Parenthood, and she is a big proponent of green technology. None of those things, mind you, warrant a trip to the woodshed, but she has an endorsement page as well, with a veritable who’s who of prominent lefties, OK, not someone I would get behind. Check out this political ad that targets her:

That sure got my toe a tappin’, wonder if I can get that as a ring tone?

On the one hand I’m thrilled that the First Amendment is alive and well, but on the other I’m almost mortified to see what (who) can out do this for shear tastelessness.

Turn Right USA is up with an incredibly incendiary web ad that accuses California congressional candidate Janice Hahn of enabling gang members to get out jail “so that they can rape and kill again.”

The 99-second above spot speaks for itself, and is not affiliated with Republican Craig Huey’s campaign, but the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has already called on the tea partier to condemn it.

“Craig Huey must condemn this offensive and sexist ad and demand that ad makers immediately take it down. This ad does not reflect the values of California’s hardworking women and men. Craig Huey’s silence should send a chilling message to our mothers, sisters and daughters that this kind of outrageous and sexist material is tolerated,” said Jennifer Crider, deputy executive director of the DCCC.

Which brings up an interesting question, Hahn’s opponent had nothing to do with this ad, does he have any obligation to come out publicly and condemn it? I think not and his silence means nothing.

Turn Right USA made the ad:

Turn Right USA’s mission is to expose and lampoon the typical politico’s microscopic brain through cutting-edge viral videos with guts and humor!

I’d say they whiffed that one.

Political nastiness is nothing new, the Adams/Jefferson race will probably go down as the most viscous/caustic/sleazy contest in history, but it seems that lately every election cycle goes for the gold in gutter rolling. Or is it that we are just getting more creative?


Another angle that we can discuss if you like is how stupid was it for Jennifer Crider, deputy executive director of the DCCC, to bring attention to the ad by condemning it? I don’t live in LA but air time costs money and given the quality we observed, was this really going to sway voters? Didn’t she jump the shark, now feels foolish and wants company to mitigate her foolishness?