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Where crime pays..

For a bunch of people that told us they would be paragons of virtue compared to the previous administration, whom they managed to convince everyone was evil, corrupt, and abused power, Team Obama and the marxist in his party sure are a parody. As if we needed more proof that the crime syndicate running the country has been punishing anyone that dares point out their illegal activity. Only in government, and then the sort run by the nanny staters, can criminals prosper like the connected are doing while having the ability to retaliate against anyone that dares to show their shit.

A constantly evolving set of rules for thee (to make sure you can’t follow them whenever that becomes convenient to the left), and none for me. That’s the motto of the left these days.

Reuters misses the real lesson to be learned from information

Now that our bloated government has shut down, we are getting reports from the DNC propaganda arm better known as the LSM about how horrible things are. Queue this article on the EPA which reveals that:

(Reuters) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will take one of the biggest hits of any federal agency if the government shuts down this week, operating with under 7 percent of its employees, according to guidance issued by the agency.

Among those furloughed would be most workers at the Office of Air and Radiation, which is in charge of writing and implementing most of the EPA’s major air pollution rules. The clock would also stop, for now, on the EPA’s eagerly-awaited proposal on renewable fuel volume standards for 2014.

The EPA said its plan for dealing with a shutdown would classify 1,069 employees, out of 16,205, as essential. These employees would continue to work if Congress fails to secure a budget deal by midnight Monday to avoid disruption to federal funding.

Reuters goes on to tell us what a tragedy it is that all these people are furlouged. Me, I see a bloated agency that could reduce its workforce of unessential employees by some 15K people, or even better yet, be done away with. Since the EPA is a hack of an agency that the left uses to straddle the country with bullshit that congress critters are afraid to pass – it would likely cost them their cushy seat as the voters kick them out – I think doing away with it would be the best option for American tax payers. Instead, I bet what will happen is that these people will all get a paid vacation that us tax payers can foot the bill for. When they come back they will also be extra motivated to do stupid things that cause more harm than anything else.

Government employees abusing their power? – Updated

As the leftards are telling us we are all paranoid for thinking government would ever treat us like serfs should we lose the ability to fight back, take a look at the w the EPA has been up to:

Lisa Jackson’s forthcoming departure from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is a major victory for transparency and accountability in Washington.

After years of whispers that EPA officials frequently used private email addresses, fake names and coded messages to circumvent the Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, Jackson admitted recently to using “Richard Windsor” as her chosen nom de plume on a government email account.

That was her choice because it reminded her of a much-beloved family pet, she claimed. (At least she didn’t ask how anybody could suspect a puppy lover like her of any wrongdoing.) The EPA inspector general opened an investigation into the matter because it is against federal law to use nonofficial or secret email addresses to conduct official business.

The EPA IG could hardly do otherwise. The use of private or secret emails enables high government muckety-mucks like Jackson to hide things about which they don’t want the rest of us to know. But we don’t need an investigation to know officials have been hiding bad things within the EPA for a very long time.

A bunch of unelected political partisans using fake e-mails to hide what they are doing because they know that what they are doing isn’t just illegal but criminal? And at the EPA, the organization working hardest to push the Obama energy agenda and to cripple our economy by pushing crappy & costly green energy non-solutions, of all places!

Don’t expect to hear any of this in the LSM. In fact if you do, they will make it look like it was a witch-hunt or as if nothing bad was done. After all, it is becoming quite obvious that the left really thinks laws are for everyone else to follow and not them. Shit like this is why the 2nd amendment was added to the constitution. Where are the god damned trials? This is criminal.

UPDATE: Looks like Mrs. Jackson is leaving the EPA to avoid an investigation:
What we now know is that Arvin Ganesan, EPA associate administrator for congressional and intergovernmental affairs, confirmed to six interested House members on Dec. 12 that Jackson did indeed use the name “Richard Windsor” in secret email exchanges on a private account.

So what was communicated in these emails?

The Competitive Enterprise Institute, which has filed a lawsuit demanding their release, believes they “relate to the war on coal Jackson was orchestrating on behalf of President Obama outside the appropriate democratic process.”

Maybe it’s a coincidence that Jackson, who attended Tulane University on a scholarship provided by Shell Oil, resigned only days after the Justice Department agreed to hand over 12,000 emails from Jackson’s “Richard Windsor” account. But it looks like she’s attempting to dodge an uncomfortable investigation.

As if we needed to doubt the Obama agenda to destroy fossil fuel to their failed & expensive green initiative. An initiative that is purely political and intended to make their buddies stinking rich off tax payer subsidies. Now we know Jackson was communicating with the WH, in secret, to do this. She should be prosecuted and the WH investigated. The most ethical administration ever should be exposed for the manipulative and evil band of Chicago gangsters they are.