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Where crime pays..

For a bunch of people that told us they would be paragons of virtue compared to the previous administration, whom they managed to convince everyone was evil, corrupt, and abused power, Team Obama and the marxist in his party sure are a parody. As if we needed more proof that the crime syndicate running the country has been punishing anyone that dares point out their illegal activity. Only in government, and then the sort … Read more

Reuters misses the real lesson to be learned from information

Now that our bloated government has shut down, we are getting reports from the DNC propaganda arm better known as the LSM about how horrible things are. Queue this article on the EPA which reveals that:

(Reuters) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will take one of the biggest hits of any federal agency if the government shuts down this week, operating with under 7 percent of its employees, according to guidance issued by the

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Government employees abusing their power? – Updated

As the leftards are telling us we are all paranoid for thinking government would ever treat us like serfs should we lose the ability to fight back, take a look at the w the EPA has been up to:

Lisa Jackson’s forthcoming departure from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is a major victory for transparency and accountability in Washington.

After years of whispers that EPA officials frequently used private email addresses, fake names and

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