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Leftist debate 101

Now that Holder is feeling the fire, and then, despite the LSM and the WH, in what I am sure in a coordinated effort, playing like this story isn’t big when it makes Watergate look tame, non of us should be surprised that he has resorted to the left’s most favorite attack to silence or impugn the character of the people that are pissing them off: the race card!

Them evil honkeys is after me! And not just because I am a lying scumbag that has been caught covering for the fact that I was running, by direction from the WH more likely than not, an illegal operation, on foreign soil, that armed real evil killers, caused the death hundreds, if not thousands, including an American government official, with thousands more dying as the war goes on, destroying those that dared get in the way and point out how illegal this whole thing was, and did it all, so we could then lie about the US arming these evil people and sway public opinion and/or the courts against the second amendment. Them honkeys is after me cause I am black!

Holder needs some of the “love” our prison system promises those sharing cells with “Big Bubba”. He is a corrupt pussy after all.

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