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One for all, and all for one…

Shit like this is why I believe we need a constitutional amendment to make it the law for Congress and all of our public servants to be subjected to the same shitty socialist laws they force the general population to bow to. I have a feeling that if our congress-critters and the federal employees all had to subject themselves to the ACA debacle, that said law would never, ever had passed. Definitely not in that incarnation that Pelosi told us had to be passed for us to find out what was in it. In fact, the only difference between any punitive action for the regular citizen and for a public servant should be that the public servant gets double the penalties. Stuff like that might finally clean out that den of socialist thieves.

Lace ‘em Up!

We keep hearing about the pugilistic attitude that prevails in Congress, they ain’t lying:

No commentary is necessary. Sometimes I wish they would go all Preston Brooks on each other. Waxman, another Californian in that Pelosi mold that they forgot to break, is beyond weasily. But I was struck by the total and utter contempt that the chairman had for him. Ed Whitfield is my new hero.