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Knee Jerk Much?

Carrying the discussion over from the other thread, the typical government solutionreaction has raised it’s ugly head:

All four of the U.S. Marines seen in an outrageous video urinating on dead Afghan bodies have been identified and could face criminal charges ‘within hours’ over the incident, it emerged today.
Two men have so far been interviewed but not detained – and the group could face criminal charges on Friday of bringing dishonour to the armed forces, reported CNN, CBS and ABC News.

“Criminal charges”, are you kidding me?

When I first saw the original video and wrote the post, two things were blatantly obvious:
1) The usual suspects, the apologists and the appeasers would jump in with both feet and make the moral equivalence to that of Abu Gharib and My Lai.
2) The incident would cause shame/embarrassment and much damage control within the military and administration.

Given the ruckus caused by those inaccurate reports of flushed Korans at Gitmo, I figured more expressway to Abu Gharib trips would be made with this incident as well. The outrage is no surprise and the requisite punishment (why only 4 guys in the grease, shouldn’t the videographer go down as well?) isn’t either. But this nonsense about criminal charges is very troubling and I would hope that cooler heads prevail and inject some sanity and reason in to the mix.

I suspect that these guys are going to be “sacrificed” onto the PC alter and it makes me sick. The military, if left to their own devices and code of conduct, is very good at understanding and evaluating the fog of war. They get the stresses of the battlefield and can police their own just fine. But this boondoggle has been foisted into the realm of public sentiment, so now those lacking in the requisite training will get their say and will get to influence the outcome, not good. What would have been a military affair now gets thrown in to the public square. We will now have mob rule, too bad for us.

I can see a demotion in rank, loss of pay for a month, even KP duty (Do they still do that?), or even worse, kicking these guys off of the sniper team, that would be about the worse punishment you can think of. But if they get thrown to the wolves and get booted out of the military with a dishonorable, or have to serve even one day of jail time, I will be outraged and I hope the rest of the sane people thru out the world will be as well.

We have a good opportunity here to see if (and show the rest of the world) that we can be adults about this. Let’s see what happens.