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Katy Perry’s What?

Sometimes I wonder if being gay wouldn’t make life much easier for men. Just think, no more cuddling after sex (or in place of), no more ,”A penny for your thoughts”, or having to explain why you just don’t feel like gabbing right now, no more wasted afternoons at the mall (why anyone does not do all their shopping on line in a matter of minutes is one of those cosmic black hole type mysteries to me). Sure, the greeting card business would go out of business, no loss, is there a more wasted expense than paying 5 bucks to say something witty? To think that there are so things as a right and a wrong present, what happened to ,”it’s the thought that counts”? And if that wasn’t bad enough ,is there any mine field more treacherous and fraught with peril, then the dreaded practice of complimenting women:

More double standards, a woman compliments you on your tits, perfectly OK, but if a man does it, he is a pig.

Another benefit to being married, the bar is much lower. I’m observant enough to know when she gets her hair down (like ,”I’ll be back in a bit, I’m going to get my hair done” isn’t clue enough) so between that and when I see her in a new dress, a small obligation and if I word it just right I am spared the blow by blow of the purchase.