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The grinch that stole Christmas

I don’t know about anyone else here, but for me, Christmas lost its magic a long time ago. The problem was that it went from being a family holiday to being another occasion to argue over too much spending on unnecessary things, not just for yourself, but way too often for other people. The damned thing has become too commercialized. I am already bombarded with advertisements about “Black Friday” and even “The day before Black Friday” sales and deals, Christmas music on the radio, and a barrage of Christmas movies on TV, and Thanks Giving hasn’t even come and gone. I was not surprised to find out that quite a few people share similar sentiments as mine, that this holiday carries way too much wallet pain. I hold hope this number of like minded people climbs faster, and when a majority finally has had enough, there will be some positive changes to this whole commercialized holidays thing. Maybe I am bitter, who knows, but this year I am opting out.