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Impetuous Youth

I’m still coming to terms with the sudden death of “The Man”, yes, many folks have rallied to carry on the fight, but seriously, how successful would the Jamaican relay team be if Usain Bolt suddenly got hit by a bus?

We heard in his CPAC speech that Andrew was working on some titillating tidbits to be released of Obama’s early college days. This was not much of a hook for me, still remembering my college days and why I could NEVER run for public office, I was expecting something out of The Hangover, dead/naked hookers, a stolen tiger, a kidnapped baby, at least something about his blow habit. But what we got instead (I’m sure more is coming, hopefully it is better stuff then this) is footage of some manhugs with another (ho hum) college radical professor.

I’m not going to link to the video, it is easy to find, and hardly news worthy in and of itself, including that collusion done with the hopes of keeping it hidden.

For my own self, this is not blowing up my skirt. To think that radical/revolutionary/anti capitalist rhetoric could permeate a college campus, no shit Sherlock. And not just any campus but that bastion of socialist thinking right square in the middle of that socialist town called Cambridge.

College campuses are by their very nature anti establishment. Most have diversity clubs up the wahzoo, including Jewish gay blacks who like country music, yes, they got a club. And nothing gets girls wet or impresses college professors more then trotting out some Che/Mao/Hugo quote that embraces workers rights or forwards the cause of the worker (common man) running things. Academia is still the only environment (Maybe add some in the MSM to this) where a socialist utopia, talking to our enemies out of killing us, going back to hunting and gathering (maybe just gathering), doing away with ALL nuclear weapons, hugging Mother Earth, and essentially living in communes, all these things are not only dreamed about but coveted.

Yes, we all know that Obama palled around with radicals, was sired by a radical, broke bread with radicals, emulated radicals and aspired someday to be a radical himself (mission accomplished). Some of his loony ideas he was been disabused of (for our benefit) like croaking terrorists, keeping Gitmo around, and trying these freaks through military tribunals. Others, like his wealth distribution nonsense, his hatred for anything fossil fuel, and his open arms wrt to growing the government and getting it more involved in our lives, he still clings to.

Whatever currency could be had in Obama’s radical past, that was squandered in the last election. McCain decided early on that he was not going that route, so he let alone Obama’s ties with Rev Wright, the Ayers, Resko, Alinsky, that whole Chicago connection, and whatever commie professors he spooned with.

This election, whatever GOP nominee they decide on (God help us), he needs to stay away from Obama’s past (the other day I even saw another piece on how Obama’s birth certificate was proved to be a fake) and focus on the last 4 years, an easy task if you ask me. Bring up gas prices (twice now what it was when Obama started), bring up everything else that has gone up in price (including taxes on those he promised would not see a tax increase) and has hurt working families. Bring up that old tried and true ,”Are you better off now then 4 years ago”, and get one of those portable electric billboards, wear it around your neck, and have it continually scroll the national debt. That $16 trillion and counting is probably the best argument going for why this guy needs to go.