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Frosting on a turd still means you are getting a turd

Seven years of the left being in charge have devastated support for the stupid shit they believe in and do in the US, so with people turning away from them in droves, the left’s now banking on rewarding millions of criminals that jumped our borders with residency or citizenship and numerous other tax payer paid for perks. Of course, this plan is not playing well with any of the traditional democrat support groups whom correctly diagnose that it will not just cripple their economic opportunity, but make the piece of the pie available for the freeloaders much smaller. Though times, but have no fear, because because Obama has a plan to buy votes yet again. Here is the first line of the article:

President Barack Obama’s proposal for free community college tuition is either a game changer or an empty promise. It just depends who you ask.

Me, based on all the other promises these idiots have made, will go with the later: it is a heaping pile of bullshit masquerading as gourmet food. Free college is idiotic and will solve nothing. College used to be a way for those with more than the average skillset to show they met a certain bar for employment in careers that required more than just intelligence, dedication, hard work, and ingenuity. The ugly truth is that not everybody is college worthy, and we should admit so instead of pretending otherwise. The left decided that the problem to their economy bursting policies and agenda was to make everyone get a college degree, regardless if they had the aptitude, skills, or actually needed it to do what they could find as prospective employment. In the process they have completely diluted the value of a college degree and education. And they did it while dumbing down primary education to the point that too many college applicants ended up woefully unprepared and unqualified for what came next.

With the economy going south and a rigged systems letting people with no chance of completing a college degree of any worth still indebt themselves to in the end fail, the left’s solution is to make the productive pay for this burden. This is the way it used to be in Europe. I said “used to be”, because that’s no longer the case. The days of spending 6-10 years at a university studying crap that would not lead to any kind of gainful employment are over. Students now have to graduate in allotted times and they have to pay for most of their education. More importantly, they have quotas for each type of college degree. You can’t have 50K history students if there are 5K jobs waiting for them. The funny thing that bears mentioning however, is that their tax burden, which was implemented for things like free healthcare and free education, neither of which is anything resembling free anymore, remains the same. Who would have thunk it huh? All that money now goes to pay for people that sit on their ass and can’t work, a whole lot of them with 10 year college degrees in worthless fields of studies, and for a political and bureaucratic monster that adds little or no value.

So back to Obama’s free community college plan. Many people see the emperor with no clothes’ plan for what it is – nothing but a desperate attempt by democrats to both help out one of their biggest donor groups keep their house of cards from facing the reality of the times and keep the wheels on the indoctrination train – and of course, as soon as that was pointed out, the accusations, desperate and veiled tried to make it about race.

Frankly I believe that less people going to college and government getting out of the racket of subsidizing the indoctrination centers and paying off one of the democratic party’s biggest donor blocks would do wonders to improve the higher education racket. The best move they could make is to hold colleges and universities accountable for the loans incurred by the students. Students that fail out should automatically have colleges become financially liable for at least half of what they now owe in student loans. Those that graduate with degrees that only let them find employment asking people if they would like fires with that should similarly have recourse against the school that charged them an arm and a leg for what amounts to a worthless degree. Of course, something like this would spell the end of so many of the left’s specialized grievance rackets passed off as education these days. It would however help those that somehow show they are better prepared and qualified to attend college.

Spare the American tax payer of another bad and costly mistake. Tell Obama to stick to golfing and talking about how racist everyone that disagrees with him is.

It matters all the time you idiots!

I see that even the NYT is forced to admit that not every higher education field of study provides the same earning potential, albeit, the author prefixes this indubitable fact with the excuse that somehow it only matters in times of a recession. That’s bullshit. No, not the admission that degrees ins some fields are worth far more than others , but that this only happens to be the case during a recession.

Let’s be honest: we are not all cut out to be engineers, scientists, doctors, lawyers, accountants, or stock brokers. In fact a little admitted fact is that the vast majority of people are unfit or unprepared for any kind of higher education, despite the fact that so many get encouraged to waste time and money doing it. I have always found it galling that colleges will charge the same for a degree with earning potential as they will charge the vast majority of students that attend and oft pursue what amount to fluff stuff. If it ends with the word “Studies” I assure you that you never will get what you pay for. Even at a community college. Disagree with me if you want, but deep down inside you and I both know that some moron with a head full of these studies mush isn’t likely to find any kind of job outside of academia, government, volunteer work, or some big corporation’s HR department. The majority of them if they can’t find work in academia end up flipping burgers, I bet.

So why do we allow kids to incur tens of thousands of dollars in debt to basically have an experience that amounts to a sever case of liberal indoctrination and hard partying for some of their more formative and supposedly more productive years? It’s like the libs got jealous of watching Biff and Muffy go party on college for a few years, with their rich daddy paying for it, and created a system for everyone to do the same. Only problem is they don’t tell the stupid kids that hock their lives to do this what they are getting into.

I can’t help but drawing a parallel between the whole “You should pursue your dreams and study whatever you want at college” scenario and the belief held by some religions of selling your soul to the devil or his equivalent for some fun. It’s awesome for as long as it lasts, but then there is hell to pay. And I don’t think it far fetched. The left wanted to kill religion’s hold on superstitious man and his belief of reward or punishment in the after life, and replaced that whole structure with a new religion where government was god and the reward could be obtained on earth. Only problem is that as time has passed it looks a lot more like government actually isn’t god, but the devil.

Here is the deal every person looking at college should actually work out: what is my earning potential – realistically – based on what I can study, and how much will that cost me. Going into debt to the tune of several tens of thousands, and often over a hundred thousands, to pursue that degree in any of the “studies”, music, or fin arts majors without understanding your employment potential, or a guarantee of some sort, is a dumb move. There is a big difference between a specialized doctor that stands to rake in a half million dollars a year, with a $400K student debt, and some shmuck with a “French Poetry of the 13th Century” masters with $50K in debt, which will be lucky if they are able to get a job teaching at some $45K a year.

I think the problem is that so many kids lack the basics of economics and capitalism, and have sucked that collectivist nonsense cock so hard they believe the shit the left tells them. The real world, unfortunately for them, ain’t fair. And that’s what we should be teaching our kids. Not giving them participation trophies and telling little snowflake to pursue their dreams. Especially when it is blatantly obvious that their dream is not grounded in any reality and will result in nothing but sadness and pain.