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Forced charity is still bullshit

The new pope is making the case that caring for the poor doesn’t make you a communist, and he is right. What can be argued makes you a communist, or if you want to be pedantic and stick to the definition that communism means the state owns everything, what it makes you is a collectivist douchebag, is when you expect government to do it after it uses force to confiscate the earnings of others, … Read more

Fuck all of you marxists!

Today is May Day, a day where the vilest scourge to visit its ills on mankind celebrates its successes. That over 100 million people were murdered by their own governments, and billions imprisoned by the same, for some reason seems to be ignored. All this misery an suffering was brought to these poor people in the name of creating heaven on earth. The fellow travelers of communism, the modern day equivalent, concerned with noble … Read more

The more things change…

The other day I wrote a post about another leftard that was trying too hard to excuse the evils of communism so they could convince us that what the left is doing these days is for the better, and as I pointed out then, these people are so full of shit that it surprises me they can come up for breath through the bullshit. The left keeps pretending they are the for the little … Read more

I knew it could not just be me feeling this way..

That all the bullshit from the left about equality doesn’t exactly mean what most people think is either right or just, and that’s a good thing to discover:

Today, just 35 percent of voters believe the economy is fair to middle-class Americans. Only 41 percent believe it is fair to those who are willing to work hard.

Some politicians, particularly Democrats, are better at acknowledging the importance of fairness, but they have a pretty

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Death, European style!

First we had the story of th lady that liked to do the horizontal mambo with bones, and now we get this:
A Swedish inventor has created a musical coffin – with an in-built stereo sound ­system.

Fredrik Hjelmquist says his CataCombo Sound System is the ideal gift for music lovers who do not want to rest in peace.

It allows people to compile their own personal playlist before they die so their ­favourite

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Another “We are with the government, and we are here to help you” story

This article deals with the tragedy that befel a citizien that got some “help” from government. True, we are dealing with state level government in this case, but they are going to be the same kinds of people that will eventually be in charge of our new and improved government run healthcare. With this kind of help:

Two weeks after Hurricane Sandy, residents were allowed to return to gather their belongings. But when Maria arrived

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More proof that the people that replaced God with government are crazier than batshit

The left has an unexplainable faith that government is the one and only true power on earth to provide justice and balance the scales of all they see is wrong. This faith baffles me, considering how obvious it is that any government is practically always formed of individuals that are practically always far more amoral, faulty, and easily corrupted by even the slightest bit of power, than your average citizen. The stories of government … Read more