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Is fascism making a comeback?

While the European elite are all happy that someone cock blocked Bunga Bunga Berlusconi, and they playing like Ole Beppo is just a fun thing, I am afraid that things are really much, much worse. Take a look at Beppo Grillo’s English version blog, or better yet, read the Italian version, and you find that the clown actually loves Mussolini, hates the Jews, thinks Iran is a great country, Islam an awesome … Read more

Pot, kettle, and more social engineering fail.

In what to me can only be seen as a hilarious “actions have consequences, you dumb ass collectivist twit” moment of truth, you have the always-ready-to-surrender French government with their panties all in a wad because after they jacked tax rates on the rich to ridiculously punitive levels, the rich sheeple they where hoping to fleece, are packing up and moving elsewhere.

Jean-Marc Ayrault’s outburst came after France’s best-known actor, Gerard Dépardieu, took up

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May is the month of the collectivists and their follies.

And that’s why I like to remind people that the Black Book of Communism estimates this evil ideology killed anywhere between 80 to 100 million people while imprisoning over 1 billion others lucky enough to survive in constant misery. That’s just what the communists did, and I bet those numbers are low balled. I am not even going to bother with the fascists, which despite the left’s orchestrated 5 decade long attempt at brainwashing people … Read more

Unemployment, Obamanomics, and the young.

While this news comes as no surprise to me, I wonder how many are actually getting it. Especially with the LSM constantly lying about recovery being right around the bend or happening. But the indisputable fact is that some of the people that where the most smitten with the collectivist community organizer and his message of “Hope & Change” now are the ones suffering the most from the politics that flow from those beliefs and … Read more

Class warriors think they have a new angle, but it is a big fail

This morning I was watching some post SOTU interviews to catch up on the reactions to the speech. I turned off the TV before the speech ended, because there is just so much bullshit I can take in one sitting, and went to bed, a more productive use of my time, by far. So there they had a panel discussing the aftermath, and on it was with some lady from some institute for progressive something … Read more

Impetuous Youth

On the surface, the appeal of the Democratic party is rather obvious, especially for young people. Surrendering to emotionalism, leading with our hearts and not our heads, caring for folks, hey, where do I sign up?

Yep, nothing new here. Glomming on to a little misinformation, some revisionist history, and some already destroyed notions about “choice” and you have the party of hugs (ha, I almost typed in the party of “thugs”, Freud knew his … Read more

What’s the definition of insanity again?

Isn’t it doing the same thing over and over, but expecting a different and contrary result? Well, if that’s the case, then the Euros are insane. The Euro is getting hammered and the S&P has downgraded Greece’s rating 2 notches yet again – they obviously are certain a Greek default is a question of when, not if – with several other southern European countries heading the same way, and what do they do? Well, they … Read more