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Is fascism making a comeback?

While the European elite are all happy that someone cock blocked Bunga Bunga Berlusconi, and they playing like Ole Beppo is just a fun thing, I am afraid that things are really much, much worse. Take a look at Beppo Grillo’s English version blog, or better yet, read the Italian version, and you find that the clown actually loves Mussolini, hates the Jews, thinks Iran is a great country, Islam an awesome religion, and that fascism was not all that bad a deal, because hey they tried to fix the problem of the Jews and the trains ran on time

It is not a coincidence that another European election in one of the countries getting hammered by the EU’s collectivist nanny state policies is again flirting with fascism. It happened to the Greeks as well just recently, it looks like it might happen in Spain, and it has even been happening in Germany which is not even one of the PIIGS countries. This is not an accident. The EU, run by the elite that are not accountable to anyone anywhere has been spreading the misery that their new collectivism always brings, has been a disaster. The Euros are all tired of the fraud and failures of their collectivist system, but the problem is that they are so wed to that collectivist shit that they are going to trade soft fascism for the real thing.

Remember that fascism rose in the 20s because of the economic crisis these countries where in. From Greece, to Spain, to Italy, we have economies in shambles and people desperate for things to be fixed. And people in Europe are so desperate for things to be fixed that in countries where things are falling apart they turn to people like Grillo and Golden Dawn, any of which look to be far worse than their current masters. As desperation strikes and people lose their faith in the old guard, they are willing to ignore all the nasty shit that comes along with anyone that is charismatic and promises them change. That’s why even Grillo’s love of Mussolini, his connection to Iran, and his outright scary hatred of Jews was not enough to make these people do a double take. And Grillo is so confident that he can do even better that he has banked his hopes on another election, instead of a compromise government at this time.

The scary thing is that our political class is replete with idiots that love the very same failed European system that led to these elections. The people pulling all the levers of power at this time are so enamored with the way Europe is run that they are trying to turn us into the same. No wonder we are treated to things like this from them. We can rehash the same arguments about how this stuff always goes wrong but the fact is that it can still get far worse than even people like me are able to imagine.

Pot, kettle, and more social engineering fail.

In what to me can only be seen as a hilarious “actions have consequences, you dumb ass collectivist twit” moment of truth, you have the always-ready-to-surrender French government with their panties all in a wad because after they jacked tax rates on the rich to ridiculously punitive levels, the rich sheeple they where hoping to fleece, are packing up and moving elsewhere.

Jean-Marc Ayrault’s outburst came after France’s best-known actor, Gerard Dépardieu, took up legal residence in a small village just over the border in Belgium, alongside hundreds of other wealthy French nationals seeking lower taxes.

“Those who are seeking exile abroad are not those who are scared of becoming poor,” the prime minister declared after unveiling sweeping anti-poverty measures to help those hit by the economic crisis.

These individuals are leaving “because they want to get even richer,” he said. “We cannot fight poverty if those with the most, and sometimes with a lot, do not show solidarity and a bit of generosity,” he added.

“Thankfully, few are seeking exile to exempt themselves from being in solidarity with fellow Frenchmen.”

Announcing plans to spend up to 2.5 billion euros by 2017 to help the poor, Mr Ayrault said that poverty affected 12.9 percent of the population in 2002 and rose to 14.1 percent in 2010.

Let’s slog through this morass of bullshit. The punitive wealth confiscating collectivist twits are pissed that after they pass a law to fleece people – to the tune of 75% of their income – a large number of these people made choices to avoid being fleeced. Many are simply choosing to move out of France to avoid the ass rape from government for the simple crime of making more than wealth redistribution class warriors feel is appropriate for anyone but themselves to make. Government’s responds, angrily and with denigration, and attacks these people for not passively going along with the fleecing. The fact that they choose not to be raped is presented as the evil rich just wanting to get richer. Of course, it is implied by the class warrior credo that they plan to do so by stealing from those less fortunate than them. After all, how evil do you have to be to pack up and move simply to avoid helping those noble class warriors in government fight poverty? GREEDY BASTAGES!

All kidding aside, we are now living in sad and scary times. Faceless, inept, power-hungry, and petty bureaucrats are supposedly the good guys – they are fighting poverty! – and anyone that doesn’t subject itself to their will, is painted as evil. Sure, these collectivists have done away with the camps for those that disagree with them, but why do I get the impression that they see that as loss? Letting a bunch of government goons fleece you to buy votes from the non-productive is after all, showing solidarity with your fellow Frenchmen. Sounds a lot like the “paying high taxes in the US is patriotic” crap we get subjected to from our collectivist twits.

There is another lesson here. I am sure the French, just like our class warriors, have been fighting their war on poverty for decades too. Just like here in the US, where we have spent oodles of cash on all manner of social engineering projects in the last 6 decades – over $15 trillion just on the usual welfare programs, and countless trillions more on other crap giveaway schemes – you have just as much, if not more, poverty, the French government’s fight against poverty has met the same results. It’s a noble cause! Of course, pointing out the fact that poverty pimps fighting the very thing that gives them both power and enormous wealth to line their own pockets with, with other people’s money, of course, has only served to actually produce more poverty, is both unpatriotic and a sign of being an evil and greedy, self centered, nonconformist.

Following any economic policy that shifts the burden of fighting poverty from the those noble and social justice seeking poverty pimps in government – the ones with a track record of spending insane sums of money to just give us more poverty – to one where you actually encourage economy growing behaviors, things that produce more jobs, and rewards the more ingenious and hard working, is just crazy talk, anyway. High unemployment, especially amongst the young, stagnation, and wealth fleeing because of abuse, all are just a small price to pay for the ability to social engineer. Pointing out the politicians pushing this crap also end up stinking rich and with insane amounts of power over the sheep, however, is a sign of evil. Up is down. Good is bad. As long as you can give your scheme the veneer of meaning well, you can get away with murder. Maybe those camps I was just pointing out before are going to make a comeback sooner than later. In the name of fighting poverty and social justice, you know.

The moral of this story is a simple one though, but I am sure the class warriors have no interest in getting it.

May is the month of the collectivists and their follies.

And that’s why I like to remind people that the Black Book of Communism estimates this evil ideology killed anywhere between 80 to 100 million people while imprisoning over 1 billion others lucky enough to survive in constant misery. That’s just what the communists did, and I bet those numbers are low balled. I am not even going to bother with the fascists, which despite the left’s orchestrated 5 decade long attempt at brainwashing people to believe is an evil ideology from the right, are nothing but another offshoot of the whole collectivism model where the state owns/controls everything and everyone. Keep the evils of collectivism inn mind when you watch the world wide OWS May protests, and have no doubt of the significance behind why the OWS crowd chose this month to do their thing. Also, be prepared for Team Obama’s roll out of their campaign slogan, and its historical significance.

Yeah, sure. It’s all a coincidence and I am a conspiracist nut job. How dare I point out that the left remains enamored of things that when put into practice murdered a hundred million plus people and consigned over a billion others to live hell on earth? How dare I point out that the OWS movement was nothing but another closet marxist movement and that the Community Organizer in Chief’s campaign, collectivist hard core that they are, picked a new rallying cry that conspicuously goes back to the early days of the marxist movement! Shame on me for daring to point this out. Don’t expect the media to bring up any of this BTW.

Unemployment, Obamanomics, and the young.

While this news comes as no surprise to me, I wonder how many are actually getting it. Especially with the LSM constantly lying about recovery being right around the bend or happening. But the indisputable fact is that some of the people that where the most smitten with the collectivist community organizer and his message of “Hope & Change” now are the ones suffering the most from the politics that flow from those beliefs and policies.

Economy: President Obama surfed into office on a wave of support from the nation’s youth. And what did those young voters get in return? Sky-high unemployment, lower wages, fewer prospects and a student debt crisis.

It’s fair to say that just about everyone has suffered the ill effects of Obamanomics, which has produced growth rates during the 31-month “recovery” that are far below any in modern times.

But a new report out of the Pew Research Center shows that when it comes to economic pain, young workers trying to get a start in life have suffered the most. Among the grim statistics:

The unemployment rate among 18-to-24 year olds was 16.3% at the end of last year, compared with 8.8% for the rest of the working-age population. That gap in unemployment rates, the Pew study notes, is “the widest in recorded history.”

Meanwhile, the share of this population that’s managed to find work has fallen to 54.3% — the lowest level since 1948, the first year the government started collecting such data.

Young workers are also doing far worse than everyone else when it comes to income. Between 2007 and 2011, their real median weekly earnings fell 6%. By comparison, those between the ages of 35 and 64 saw earnings climb 1%, while everyone else saw earnings dip slightly by 0.1%.

I guess I could take consolation that there is justice in the universe and stupid people get punished for doing stupid things, but that is unfortunately not enough, since we all are paying for their stupidity. I told many people when Obama was elected, that I expected 4 years of Obama to teach most of his voters, but especially the young that broke in great numbers for him based on his thin resume and teleprompter skills, the same things 4 years of Carter did. I firmly believe that Obama is making many of us that experienced both time periods think Carter was not that bad.

The thing is that anyone that wanted to know the young where going to get hammered only needed to look at Europe, where they do things in a way Obama wants to reform America to be like, for proof. It is well documented that unemployment in Europe, even during boom times, is very high, and amongst the young in Europe is always sky-high. And there is no disputing that is a direct consequence of liberal policies and economics. Well, OK, liberals will dispute it: they always do. But the fact remains that government meddling to control wages, dictate benefits, and to control which businesses win and which lose, always results in an employment environment where employers have massive overhead and are forced to cut their losses, and the young suffer the worst. We have the same problem now here in America after 3+ years of European style Obamanomics.

And I don’t foresee things getting better for a long time, if they do, for most of us, but especially for the young. This will likely be the first generation of Americans to be worse off than their parents. The left would like you to believe that’s because they have not done more of that nonsense that has caused the problems in the first place, as the CNN article pointing out young people make less I link, does. And many amongst the young are buying into the anti-capitalist drivel by the “social engineering” class warrior, credentialed academic class that pretends people, by the virtue of being born, are entitled to anything and everything, at other people’s expense.

Here is some advice for the young joining the workforce: ditch the collectivist nonsense schools have been shoveling into your brains, and do that quickly quickly. It’s cool when you are young to actually let your emotions rule, and naïveté drive, your beliefs and actions. However, in the grown up world, believing in and acting out on this crap, only leads to failure followed by suffering, misery, jealousy, and greed. Unlike what the left’s bullshit has caused so many young people to believe, you are not entitled to a trophy just for showing, let alone being. Yes, the game is rigged against you. But you are a bigger fool if you believe the people that rigged it that way in the first place, when they use that class warfare nonsense to get you to believe they have the answer and want to help you. Fool me once: shame on me. Fool me twice… Well, you get the message. I sure hope you do, because if you don’t, the wounds are going to continue to be self inflicted.

Class warriors think they have a new angle, but it is a big fail

This morning I was watching some post SOTU interviews to catch up on the reactions to the speech. I turned off the TV before the speech ended, because there is just so much bullshit I can take in one sitting, and went to bed, a more productive use of my time, by far. So there they had a panel discussing the aftermath, and on it was with some lady from some institute for progressive something or another. She was quite outmatched by the others. But she did drop a bombshell that remained unchallenged, and she sure felt she had scored a big win because of that. I want to address this, because her argument and line of thinking was so easy to take apart.

Basically when it was brought up, she made the case that democrats should not let republicans win the argument Obama made about all the “injustices” – there you have that marxist drivel again, even when you try to pretend you are an optimist like Reagan – he wants to address. Those that identify this as base class warfare rhetoric and point out that what democrats are basically really doing is counting on this rhetoric to galvanize enough jealous and envious people into giving them the go-ahead to steal even more money from the productive sector, to keep their big government efforts going, did not sit well with her. To her this was a just struggle, and she thought she was quite clever to link it to the struggle to build this great nation. Something Obama spend a long amount of time paying lip service to in his speech as well.

Her defense of class warfare was based on drawing a parallel between the choices made by our forefathers and the ones that the class warriors, I am sure she doesn’t like that term, but I am calling it what it is, tell us they want made. Their premise is that the forefathers created our democracy in order to prevent the European aristocracy and oligarchy from being the driving force in America. I agreed with her on that premise, to some extent, even if she was got a lot wrong – I am certain that what our forefathers concocted was a republic, specifically because of the inherent dangers of a pure democracy where the majority would be free to impose their will on the minority – to insure a just society, but she was way, way off base. This concept of three wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner, sound familiar? And then she dropped the bombshell and concluded this line of thinking by making the ludicrous argument that what the people opposing Obama referred to as class warfare were trying to do the same. That’s because, after all, the democrats where fighting the power of the rich, which are a manifestation of aristocracy or oligarchy, which basically had turned America into an unjust society!

How clever! Except, it is transparently bullshit. I could go into a long ass diatribe about how these class warriors fighting the rich, aristocracies, and oligarchies have always played out, but suffice it to say that that this is unnecessary, because the premise that they are fighting the rich, the aristocracies, and oligarchies, is pure unadulterated bullshit. I could also wax philosophical about how the left is trying to recreate the European experiment, which is still rooted in a society where the credentialed elite rule the masses, by fiat, and represents the ultimate class conscious society. But I will just stick to pointing out that what the class warriors are really fighting against, is what they perceive as the current centers of power. And what they intend, the reason they fight, despite the claim that they are trying to address an injustice and level the field, is to replace the current people in power with themselves. That’s what their struggle is about. That’s what marxism and every other spun off collectivist ideology that came from it has been all about. This battle to replace the existing power centers with themselves played itself out everywhere that the class warriors did their thing. From the revolution in Russia that gave us 70 years of the USSR to the one in China, Korea, Cuba, and every other third world shit hole that embraced this cancerous ideology, the fight was to kick the people in power out and take over that power. In every single instance, whoever was in charge that the class warriors wanted gone, was replaced by a singular individual or a gang of tyrants, which did far worse things than their predecessors. The injustices got even more pronounced after that.

And what we have here going on with the ne breed of class warriors, is more of the same. This lady’s argument that the democrats should tell people that what they are doing is not class warfare, but a noble struggle, one that emulates the virtues and values of the forefathers that set up the republic, and addresses the injustice between the suddenly aristocratic rich and the common man, is bullshit. A huge, smelly pile of bullshit. A whopper of epic proportions. These leftists have no problem with rich people, or for that matter aristocracies. Most of them are super rich. Practically every single one of them belongs to the credentialed class and thinks they are far, far above the stupid common man. They have all the answers, and we all need to do what they tell us. So when they tell you that what they are doing is battle the powerful rich and to level the field, it is a lie. They don’t have any problem with the rich: they have a problem with any rich people that do not go along with their vision of a big government nanny state run by an oligarchy/aristocracy of the approved/credentialed leftists. This fight isn’t against an aristocracy or oligarchy of the rich, but a fight to replace the current people in power – which hilariously is themselves – with an oligarchy or aristocracy composed of those they approve of. And have no doubt our new people will be powerful, and rich. Castro and Chavez claim to be men of the people but they have the wealth of the entire nation they are raping at their disposal.

I guess, to paraphrase some Orwell, some rich people are created more equally than others. That absurd distinction is why Mitt Romney is a bad rich guy. But John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, George Soros, and Warren Buffet, to name a few, all are not bad rich people. Or for that matter even considered rich or worthy of being called such. Romney’s crime is that now that he is running as a republican, he isn’t a big supporter of the nanny state the left sees as a means to ensconce itself in perpetual power. That makes him earning millions and paying what the law says he should on these earnings from investments, unjust. Those “rich people” that say they are fine with the class warriors call for government to jack the rates up, while making backroom deals that allow them to not only be exempt from the new financial burdens these onerous regulations impose on people trying to get rich, but often double their earnings because government rigs the game in their favor, are not the good guys. Crony capitalism sucks. Warren Buffet telling us he is fine with higher income, estate, and even investment taxes, knowing full well that his investments will make a killing, in excess of whatever he would have to pay now, once people trying to avoid getting whacked seek some redress. And when that all comes with a huge bonus, like that big government scratching his back, by killing a deal that then sets up more of his investments to make oodles of cash, in return for his support of their power grab masquerading as a battle to redress injustice, we should be angered. It shouldn’t us think Buffet is a good guy, and it certainly shouldn’t lead to people thinking that these crooks are doing a decent thing.

It has forever bothered me that so many people fail to realize that this class warfare rhetoric is bullshit. These democrats are playing them. They do not plan to address any injustice at all! If that was the case we wouldn’t be burdened with the nonsense of the last 5 decades which have only served to make the injustices they proclaim to be addressing worse. What power is there to derive from declaring a war on poverty, racism, sexism, and so on, when you actually fix the issue? No, what the class warriors are after is to shift the power from those that have it now to them and those they approve off. That’s what the fight against big oil in favor of green energy – more like red, but I digress – is all about. That’s why Buffet and Kerry are good guys, but Romney and the Koch brothers are greedy and evil. That’s why Immelt’s GE is a good company, and Immelt gets to sit on a panel, but Ford gets told they will get the full force of the government on their back if they dare put out a commercial where they point out they didn’t get bought out, at tax payer’s expense, so democrats could secure power & wealth for one of their constituent blocks. That’s why Obama tells us flushing billions down the toilet on idiotic ventures like Solyndra or fining the energy industry for not doing something that is physically impossible is considered an “investment”, while anything done for evil oil companies are “subsidies” and in dire need of ending. That’s why they tell us government creates jobs and we need to let them funnel close to a trillion dollars to their friends, lobbyists, special interests, and campaign coffers, then blame the fact things are going south faster on everything but their idiotic wealth redistribution based social engineering policies.

What people need to understand is that the only injustice these democrats seek to address is the one where they don’t control everything. After all, they are the credentialed smart ones, and they know better than the rubes. So they should both be calling the shots and getting the rewards for doing that. That’s why Obama delivered a speech last night where big left leaning government was going to solve all the world’s problems. And these are the reasons why people should wise up. At the beginning of the last century the fellow travelers of our current crop of class warriors used the same arguments, banking on the jealousy and envy of the majority to propel them to success, through violent revolution. Now they have abandoned most of that violence – unless it is union related, I guess – because it is a dead give away of what is to follow. But the goals remain the same. And based on historical evidence, the end results will be the same too. Sooner than later. It’s the whole theory that if you drop a frog in a pot of boiling water he will get it, but if you do it to it incrementally, the dumb thing gets cooked.

Class warfare is a disgusting excuse used by power hungry scam artist to fool people into letting them do what they otherwise would never go along with. Class warriors have never fixed any injustices, history shos us that they only managed to create more of them.

Impetuous Youth

On the surface, the appeal of the Democratic party is rather obvious, especially for young people. Surrendering to emotionalism, leading with our hearts and not our heads, caring for folks, hey, where do I sign up?

Yep, nothing new here. Glomming on to a little misinformation, some revisionist history, and some already destroyed notions about “choice” and you have the party of hugs (ha, I almost typed in the party of “thugs”, Freud knew his stuff).

I was going to take time and eviscerate each one of these silly arguments one at a time but then I found a nice tidy rebuttal penned by another college student, which gives me hope in the next generation.

In order to illustrate the pure delusion among young Democrats, here is my recap. I left out those students who made purely emotional points that need no rebuttal.

You can click down to each counter argument, Mark does a nice job of injecting some reality to the emotional pull of the Democrats. I like the sentiment that if you are for equality, choice, and prefer the option of being an adult, not a dependent child, then you are clearly in the wrong camp.

In the end, these students have no idea why they are Democrats. They’ve just been told by society, academia, Hollywood, and Jon Stewart, that they are supposed to be Democrats.

How true, talk about a stacked deck. Children, as early as middle school, get bombarded by overly partisan teachers pushing their political agendas in every conceivable way. You don’t think the kids see that 99.9% of the cars parked in the school lot has Obama bumper stickers on them? the collectivism, the union aggrandizements, the demonizing of “the rich” as greedy and uncaring, and the lionizing of clowns like Al Gore who would rather have all of us go back to hunting and gathering while he produces a carbon footprint the size of Texas. The high schools and universities are even worse. TV shows and Hollywood promoting the liberal agenda, any newspaper that you pick up, the LSM on all the networks, it is a constant push at indoctrination.

Someday they will learn to think for themselves.

Maybe, but as of now it is still a common misconception that it is cool to be liberal, and really, isn’t it easier to just go with the flow and be like everyone else? I always thought that most of these delusional youngsters would get a clue once they entered the work force, had to work for a living and pay taxes, it is usually at this point that people decide that they would like to keep as much of their hard earned cash as possible.

What’s the definition of insanity again?

Isn’t it doing the same thing over and over, but expecting a different and contrary result? Well, if that’s the case, then the Euros are insane. The Euro is getting hammered and the S&P has downgraded Greece’s rating 2 notches yet again – they obviously are certain a Greek default is a question of when, not if – with several other southern European countries heading the same way, and what do they do? Well, they double down on the stupid and are looking to provide more bailouts for the Greeks. What is the damned incentive for the Greeks to live in their means after that?

Shit, go ahead and keep running debt up and spending money you don’t have on the big collectivist state Greeks! What are these other losers gonna do? Cut you off? Watch the EU crumble around them? Nah, they are so desperate to keep the fantasy of the EU and the collectivist nanny state alive, for as long as possible, that they are simply not going to even blink at the fact that the Greeks are thumbing their noses at them and their demands for austerity measures. It’s a free ride for all of you, man. And Italy, Spain, Portugal, and even Ireland are on notice not to try to hard to fix their fiscal madhouses either. Spend like there isn’t going to be an end to the free money ride! More bennies for the slackers! Retirement at 50 for everyone but government employees: they can retire at 45! 25 hour work weeks for all! Free healthcare till you get old enough that they figure euthanizing you is the humane thing to do! And most important of all, have Uncle Sam keep paying for your defense and the bank bailouts!

Seriously, this is where we are it seems too. It’s going to be an ugly few decades with the nanny states basically unraveling across the globe. The people that want the free ride ain’t gonna give it up. There are rich people to fleece, don’t ya know! Hold on to your horses.