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Dark times are a coming..

Today, on September 11, 2016, 15 years after the worst attack on US soil, while my thoughts are with those that lost their lives and those that loved their loved ones, both on that day and in the struggle after, I want to actually deal with something I see coming that bears ill for all of us: the PC movement’s attack on freedom in general, and internet freedom in particular. Now I am sure most good people will say that there should be nothing wrong with being polite and respectful to others, especially when hiding behind the anonymity provided by the internet, and that anyone unable to do so or resisting that effort must be bad or have ill intent, but whenever I hear the PC movement run their mouths about the ills of a free internet (or opposition of the PC movement in general) all I hear or see is exactly this: those in power will silence the opposition and their political enemies.

The world is heading towards dark times as Western values are being abandoned by the most corrupt and least capable political class ever (both oh, do they think they are awesome shit). The political elite calls the masses stupid or evil because they will not let the globalists do what they want. Especially since what the globalists are doing is horrible for the common people. Oh sure, they tell us that they are doing this to help the less well off and fight injustice, but these people give absolute proof to the saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Don’t take my words for this. Look at what the world looks like after 8 years of the people that tell us anyone that doesn’t share their social and ideological values and ideas of social justice being provided by them, actually is today. In short, things are worse, and it is by design. More instability, the rich got more powerful and richer – and it is no coincidence ,that the biggest promoters of social justice also are the ones that have profited the most from the misery it has caused – and the rest of us are robbed of more of our freedoms and wealth.

Unlike the old fascists and communists that actually killed of their =political enemies, the new crop of collectivists now content themselves with destroying the lives and well being of those that dare stand up against the disservice they are doing us all. I leave you with one of the most telling quotes I have ever read:

“Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded — here and there, now and then — are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty.

This is known as “bad luck.”

― Robert A. Heinlein

Reality always bites…

Back in the day the collectivist cheerleaders told us this to sell their garbage. Reality is things like this, and then things like this.

Collectivist, SJW type revolutions are sold as trying to make it better for the masses, but the truth is that it is about replacing the people in charge with new ones whom practically always take abuse and misery of the masses to new levels. I hope Venezuelans know how to make pruno, cause life is about to get even worse for the masses without that Polar crap swill.

Collectivism is evil, but I am sure this is somehow Boosh’s fault…

This is what Bernie’s America will end up looking like

Despite the fact that it looks like the ‘gimme free shit party’ is not doing well with voter turnout, there are a lot of people that are backing donkey candidate Bernie Sanders, a man that never held a real job in his life (his first full time job was one working in government and happened when he was 40), and whom seems angry at the world because he never got what he feels he was due. Like Obama, the community organizer, and for that matter that criminal Clinton, Bernie is a man of no real accomplishments, but at least unlike Obama and Hillary, he seems to not be a down right crime syndicate boss.

I suspect a lot of Bernie’s backers are donkeys that have some conscience and simply can’t make themselves vote for that criminal Clinton. But then, there are many people that are true believers in the wealth redistribution bullshit Bernie peddles too, despite the historical evidence that this shit always ends badly for the people that put it in practice. Collectivism doesn’t work when it goes beyond the family unit, and the reason is very simple, even if the people that espouse it don’t want to admit it: the jealousy and greed that makes this philosophy that advocates taking from others attractive also blinds the followers to the fact that the leaders that promise to do this for them simply are looking to replace the existing haves, and will not really worry much about the “have nots” once they do so. From the USSR, to communist China to North Korea, Cuba or any other of the failed shit, it always ends bad. Sure the marxist backing Bernie will point to Europe, and especially Sweden, as their models, but they are not being honest when they do so. Europe, because of the wealth and mediocre collectivist leadership it has had, has not yet completed the full transition to what always comes from this dark ideology.

Want a look at the end result? Well, take a good look at what is happening in Venezuela or for that matter to Brazil, yeah Brazil, countries that have let this ideology run its course. One went super totalitarian, while the other is almost there. Shit, keep an eye on our neighbor to the north. I have a feeling they are going to be doing some real stupid shit that will hurt them real bad in the next few years, all in the name of social justice or whatever. And Europe, unfortunately for the Europeans, because of the corruption in Brussels and despite the many changes being made to delay the inevitable, will run out of other people’s money sooner than later, as well. Of course this will not dissuade people that feel they have a right to what others have – especially when they justify that right by claiming the others got what they have through nefarious means – from feeling that they will go along as long as the getting is good. To them having the whole thing burn down seems like justice, I guess.

The road to hell and all that jazz…

The other day I was having a discussion with your usual idiotic collectivist retard whom couldn’t contain his admiration and fawning over Bernie Sanders and his idiotic socialist beliefs. Of course I pointed out how the stupid shit they believe is what will finally make the world a just and good place, always results in misery and evil. We discussed the good old USSR, China, Cuba, and of course, the more modern incarnations such as North Korea, Venezuela, and the western shitholes that decided to embrace a less virulent form of the disease which only differs from communism and fascism in how fast they reach the end result. The poor idiot would not be dissuaded. Mention the over 100 million killed and the billions turned into slaves of an uncaring state? A litany of excuses. Point out that the pursuit of equality of outcome, something that is impossible to do, and frankly more evil than the inequality it pretends to want to address? Even more excuses. Call attention to the fact that collectivism will always create a miserable entity with an elite on top that rack all the benefits and the rest serving as dispensable serfs of the state? And I got even more excuses, including the usual trope about how we have never seen the real outcome of collectivism in practice, because the reason that every collectivist experiment eventually degenerates into what we see in Venezuela, is only because the right people were not put in charge. And yes! Bernie would be the right person finally.

Man, did that poor idiots head explode when I pointed out that no, the big lie isn’t that we have not had the right people in charge, but that what we see is really what collectivism will always produce. There is no right leadership that will suddenly prevent collectivism from resulting in economic devastation and the destruction of life, and that is simply because while it pretends to be the solution to injustice, it is nothing but another vehicle to split people into the elite/aristocracy and the serfs. Sure, it does a great PR job by claiming it can create heaven on earth – and it does so because it is the new religion – but it can’t and will never deliver anything but pain and suffering. That’s because of the simple problem that always gets ignored: you will eventually run out of other people’s money with which to pretend you are a benevolent entity when you buy your power. What we see now in Venezuela is what happens once you have no more sheep to fleece. It’s not an accident that Chavez’s only child is a billionaire, Maduro’s and those he has chosen to bless, and a few people that help keep the serfs in line through force are loaded, while the rest are living in hell on earth. It’s what socialism will always end up as. Outside of the family unit, where some kind of instinct or true bond exists that allows most of us to make sacrifices for others, collectivism breaks and actually produces a system that has no equal in its ability to inflict pain, misery, and yes, even death. Read some history. And I don’t mean the propaganda the collectivist agents of the KGB have flooded the planet with in order to capitalize on the envy and greed of so many fools out there.

And before any of you followers of the religion of collectivism try to pretend the model was working in Europe or elsewhere, let me tell you that the cracks are not only there, but the writing is on the wall. The elite in Europe have even decided that to keep their power they are willing to make your lives even more miserable, if not outright sacrifice it, by doubling down on the idiocy while importing some of the planet’s most miserable people. I am sure you true believers, in a great tribute to Heinlein and his famous quote, will blame it all on “bad luck”. The universe is not a just place, and that is actually something sad, but you should fear, nay loathe, anyone that tells you they want to fix that. That’s because in the end, they will do far more harm than any incidental good they happen to cause, on the way to the inevitable. If you want to help others and buy into collectivism, do it with your own money and time. Leave the rest of us alone. Slavery is supposed to be an evil thing, but the collectivists seem unwilling to admit that the indentured servitude they have foisted on the productive is nothing but another form of slavery.

Liberalism 101: blame America and/or capitalism!

I had me a belly laugh at the incredible stupidity of a CNN article by an author named John Sutton, a liberal for sure based on the stupidity that passes for intellectual and cognitive reasoning of this article, where he, of course, tries to make the illogical and ridiculous point that Mexico is now the country with the largest obesity problem and it is the fault of capitalism/America. And from the level of stupid in the comments that agrees with him, I ascertain that this “blame America” tactic, seems to be part & parcel of the left’s dysfunction. From the article:

CNN) — Experts are putting forward all sorts of reasons Mexico recently became more obese than the United States — and one of the most overweight countries in the world. Poverty, tacos, urbanization, soda. Those are the widely discussed culprits. And they, along with the choices people in Mexico make, are no doubt part of the story.

But there’s an uberfactor here: Mexico’s neighbor to the north. Could one reason for Mexico’s growing, deadly obesity problem be that the country is unfortunate enough to share a border with the United States — land of the Coke, home of diabetes?

I started thinking about that issue after seeing news bounce all over the Internet that nearly a third of Mexicans now are obese, compared with 31.8% of Americans, according to a recent report from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

Maybe U.S. trends such as fast food, fried food and soda drifted south.

Really? What about our neighbor to the north? The got the same problem as the ones to the south? I know that the liberal psyche would love to blame America for all the world’s woes, but this is beyond stupid. Look, the fact that our understanding of obesity is limited, and have no doubt it is, leads to all kinds of idiots spouting nonsense about why it happens, but if you have to have a fundamental and basic reason to ascribe obesity to, make it prosperity. In well-off societies, people will have far more access to foodstuff – forget the quality of said food for now while also doing far, far less toiling. Personally I prefer obesity over starving to death, but maybe I am the one being dumb about this shit.

Let’s start with a general statement that this problem is far more complex than the “blame America” idiots on the left want to pretend it is. There are so many factors to consider. Evolution, prosperity, technology, sedentary life styles, diseases, and so on. Blaming America, and especially capitalism, like the lefty author and the commenters isn’t just stupid, it is evil. Think about that mentality. If the problem is capitalism, then what these people are saying is that it is too dangerous to leave your average person to make their own decisions, and/or that said persons are better off in a society that’s stricken by poverty. Really, that’s the argument these fucking retards blaming capitalism basically boils down to.

Personally I abhor the solutions people that believe capitalism is the problem are left with. You either have a society that’s kept poor so people can’t get enough to eat, a totalitarian state that controls what and when you get to eat, or, as we have seen historically, a combination of both, as evidenced by the scourge of collectivism that plagued mankind for the past century or so. Go ask the North Koreans if they would prefer to be capitalists and worry about being obese, or if they are cool with what the anti-America/anti-capitalist crowd seems to imply is the better model. They are starving to death in that prison state. So, no, the problem isn’t capitalism or freedom to choose (and choose badly), it is something else.

I posit that the issue is primarily because evolution has not caught up with our incredibly fast leap to prosperity. Man spent millions of years adapting to be a hunter-gather. Because of the caloric toil on that lifestyle, it’s not too hard to believe nature genetically favored those that would be attracted to the foods that provided the most calories. Our propensity to like fatty, high energy (sugary) foods, is a built in natural phenomenon, and a necessity to survive a lifestyle that was so rigorous and strenuous. Genetic changes take millennia, but in a few short centuries man managed to not only eradicate their food problem in prosperous and free societies, but also completely do away with the strenuous and rigorous lifestyle. Exercise is now something we pay money to go do, while food is so abundant and easy to get that what bothers or worries us is if Twinkies would no longer be around so movies like Zombieland would no longer be culturally relevant. Shit, the leftists even convinced us to turn corn, a major food staple for many societies, and the prime on for the Mexican one we are discussing, into a fuel! How crazy is that shit?

Yeah, I am well aware that there are places on this planet where people still battle hunger, but those tend to be places where either freedom & prosperity are non-existent or illusions, or the economic hardship is otherwise self-inflicted. People do not starve in our modern world because food is not abundant enough. That’s no longer a concern with modern agricultural and husbandry practices. In fact, the animals least likely to go extinct are the ones that end up on the human plate. Starvation happens because food is used as a weapon, or because poverty, be it self-inflicted or otherwise, tends to push people to consume unhealthy processed foods that taste good but are terrible for people leading sedentary lives. That second issue even occurs in prosperous societies. And that’s what’s got Mexico in trouble and gaining weight.

I recently saw a program on TV where a doctor, a guy in great shape, dealt with the topic of diabetes. This doctor, whom got diabetes himself, was pointing out how he used to believe the disease was caused by obesity and the bad habits associated with getting obesity. Now, after he ended up with diabetes himself, he is no longer sure of that connection. In fact, he is leading research now which shows that obesity might be caused by people’s propensity for diabetes, and that the weight gain is associated with the body trying to fight of the insulin deficiency that causes diabetes. This is novel thinking, and if correct, revolutionary stuff.

Other research out there is now also showing that obesity is likely caused by the processed foods we eat disrupting the natural bacteria that help our bodies break down food, leading to excessive fat storage instead of calorie burning, even when people lead relatively active lives. Of course, the biggest problem is that free people can and will make bad choices, and said choices have consequences. If you choose to eat processed, heavy, fast foods for practically every meal, and also in between, like most people given the choice will, and also do not do enough exercise, you are going to gain weight. But given the choice of starving – because we live in a “collectivist utopian society” that can’t produce enough food due to the idiotic adherence to the ridiculous and ineffective central planning doctrine that permeates the left’s ideology, and/or worse, controls what we are allowed to eat and when we are allowe dto eat – and gaining weight, because we have too much food & the freedom to eat whenever and whatever we want, I think most sane people would pick the latter.

Collectivists that blame capitalism and America for the effects of prosperity are stupid. That’s the point, I guess. People are getting obese because prosperity has handicapped evolution. People that want to blame the mechanism that brought us prosperity need their heads examined. And no, they are not looking for a happy medium. These are the fuckers that think it is the duty of the credential elite to control us serfs, because we are too stupid to make our own choices and live with those consequences. But they mean well. Fuck them all.

Desperation as election nears.

With some 12 days left till our election, Team Obama basically promising us 4 more years of the same economy crippling collectivist, Keynesian, big government bullshit, and all the LSM’s attempts to carry water for “THE WON” not working, the left is getting absolutely desperate. We are bombarded here in CT with class warfare commercials about how if Obama loses the bastards that will take over will basically help the rich soak us all.

Never mind that even the losers at HuffPo, in this lame attempt to spin the facts, admit that Wall Street had done far better under Obama than in all previous 8 Bush years combined, by 2011. Remember how the left told us the Bush years allowed Wall Street to rob the citizenry blind? Haliburton!!!11! So, 3 years of Team Blue fighting for the little guy, years of heavy Wall Street regulation which brought us such doozies as the Dodd-Franks 2K behemoth that all but guarantees our government will keep pushing home ownership lending as a social engineering tool, and bring us another economic meltdown, Wall Street did better.

And when even the Kossacks are admitting that the Fed’s policy of QE3 easing, done only so they can keep inflation down and prevent that from screwing up their nanny-welfare state spending as inflation would cause most tax dollars collected to be eaten up paying down interest on the $16 trillion of borrowed money, helps the rich more than the poor, you know your policies suck. It’s not accidental that you have the LSM producing lame ass excuses like this one to again shift blame from the results of the failed Keynesian wealth redistributionist policies of the last 4 years to blame tired old Boosh!

And yet, here we are again with another LSM bullshit class warfare piece intended to appeal to those that are jealous of what others have. The left is hell bent on capitalizing on base envy and greed to enrich themselves and their inner circle of selected buddies, while drastically increasing the number of people dependant on government for a piss poor daily subsistence, for the power it brings them. But hey, the bad guys are the people that want to unshackle the economy instead of controlling who gets to win and who gets to lose.

To quote Heinlein:

Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded — here and there, now and then — are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty.

This is known as “bad luck.”

The collectivists all but guarantee us this bad luck, but the elite figure when the shit hits the fan, they will keep the power and their standard of living, while the rest of us can live in this kind of paradise.

This is how democracy will perish

I want my free shit, and I want it now!. Never mind that we can’t pay for this stuff. Take away from anyone that has more than me, and make sure I keep getting the free ride. And this is what Obama and his crew want to turn America into. Maybe we deserve the dark ages we are heading for as the collectivists destyroy a couple of cenutries of prosperity out of jealousy and envy.

Oh, well. Who needs something as balse as the concept of a devil and hell when mankind is so eager to inflict it all upon itself, huh? Only a tyrannical master with absolute power can guarantee equality, and then, the only equality it can guarantee is mesery for all thatare not part of the inner circle. But hey, let’s try this again. It’s not as if we have a century of proof that it

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