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Coach Rants

I would bet that a large percentage of our readers played sports in school. For the sake of the post I will even accept kick ball in middle school but I’m thinking more along the lines of high school or even college. I did both and for the last few years coach the boy’s tennis team at my local high school. Most high school coaches are payed employees, although they are usually teachers first and coaches second, the coaching part usually pays dick. A growing trend, due to the financially strapped nature of public education is those adults with the requisite skills volunteering their time to help the school out and promote the sport, I fall into this category.

Coaching style and methods vary depending on personality. I am always amused at some of the more frenetic rantings we sometimes see on the sidelines of college games. But we hold HS coaches to a higher standard, due to the age group that he is charged with. Here, one got carried away, and payed the price for it:

A profanity-laced pregame rant by a Tennessee high school football coach has cost him his job and stoked a controversy about what constitutes appropriate motivational language in school sports.

Check out the video at the bottom. Although the proper contrition was paid, the damage is done and his coaching days are over. Sad, considering how long he was the football coach.

The link also has audio of the entire rant.

Given the years he has been coaching, me thinks that this type of motivational speech has been used before, probably a part of his coaching style for years and what burns his biscuit is not that he was out of line but that some weenie in the group set him up by taping this rant.

What I don’t like is the school’s position of placing Abel on administrative leave, removing him entirely from his teaching position in his math classes, one is not related to the other. The article leaves the reader with a feeling that the school will leave Abel tangling for a while. Although it’s not a bad gig to get paid staying at home (About 12 years ago I had a good tennis buddy who was the school superintendent of my city, fired over some dumb dispute and he sued over the firing, for one solid year he was on paid leave, played tennis everyday, and after that year won a juicy settlement from the school district and was reinstated) Abel would no doubt like to get this matter resolved ASAP.

For own self, I think the coach was out of line and at the very least needs to take a break from it. This style is so far removed and the antithesis of my coaching style, but going off like this on kids 15 ,16 years 17 years old, more nuance is needed.

But the community ,at least some of it, is behind him and he does have a following.

So what do you think? out of line, OK by you, and did you have any coaches like this growing up?