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Facts? Truth? We don’t need no stinking facts or truth!

Harry Reid is either suffering from Alzheimers or again lying through his teeth when he makes the ludicrous call for a “return to the type of fiscal discipline that democrats brought to Washington in the 90′s when democrats in the Congress and White House balanced the budget and used the surplus to pay down the debt”. Does he really think people are this stupid and uniformly uninformed that he can shovel out this big pile of shit as factual or truth, or has he really lost it? I say it is the former, and he is counting on people not knowing the facts.

Reid is basically trying to cash in on the decade or more of propaganda that the “positive changes” and the mythologized “great economic boom” during the Clinton years were the cause of Clinton, a lecherous lying democrat that had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the middle from his leftmost perch, and not the fact that there had been a Republican Revolution that drove all these changes despite the big statist democrats and their dreams of a government like the kind Obama is giving us. After all, Clinton tried healthcare takeover too, but didn’t succeed. If you really want to see what “democrat fiscal discipline” looks like, take a look at when democrats controlled congress and spending last, under Pelosi, and see what Harry Reid’s vision will actually be more like.