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President Remembers that He’s President; Holds Press Conference

He’s using the bully pulpit on tax increases for the wealthy.  Cannot hold back this tide, guys.

First question right out of the gate: Petraeus and confidential information compromised?

Consider this your open thread on the Presidential Press Conference.  God knows when we’ll see another, if at all.

Please, please, please let secession come up…

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What to do when the left calls Romney an out of touch rich guy..

Look, I am not very enthused about Romney, but that’s the guy that I am stuck with, and as I have repeatedly said, I would vote for anyone other than a child molester over Obama. However, the I am incensed by the left’s current attempt to create the narrative that Romney is an out of touch rich guy, and hence will do worse than the community organizer in chief and his cadre of crony capitalists, … Read more

Liberals class warriors fail yet again..

Remember Buffet’s poor secretary? Well when I was told she paid more income taxes than Buffet, my first question was “How much does she make?”. My wife has a friend that is a personal assistant to a real big-wig worth a lot of millions. She makes something around $65K a year – and she is one of the high earners in that field according to my wife – so she told me to assume Buffet’s … Read more

Class warriors think they have a new angle, but it is a big fail

This morning I was watching some post SOTU interviews to catch up on the reactions to the speech. I turned off the TV before the speech ended, because there is just so much bullshit I can take in one sitting, and went to bed, a more productive use of my time, by far. So there they had a panel discussing the aftermath, and on it was with some lady from some institute for progressive something … Read more

What a Co-inky-dink!

I was terribly surprised to find out that one of the world’s richest guys whom offered lip service to Obama’s “tax the rich” class warfare nonsense back when his insurance companies stood to make huge financial gains if the Feds jacked up taxes, and especially estate taxes, on the rich, ended up having another one of his companies making out like a damn bandit after the WH killed the Keystone XL pipeline. One of Warren … Read more

By the numbers..

The Chicago Sun-Times has this article dealing with Obama’s recent claim that his new plan to plunder $1.5 trillion from the evil productive was not class warfare based on the math. As many of us pointed out Obama was lying when he said this was not class warfare because the math proves it is just that.

When President Barack Obama rails against “millionaires and billionaires,” as he does often, Republicans accuse him of trying to

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