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Petraeus Quits: Cites Unauthorized Surge into Unknown Woman

Alright, he appears to have forgotten that he’s working for a Democratic Administration, so I don’t know why he felt that he had to resign.

I’ve seen some murmurings that there may have been something else to this. Me personally, I don’t see a lead here. He failed to follow the First Law of Having an Affair: Shut. Up. This just appears to be something a guy like Petraeus would do when he’s done something that he knows is dishonorable and is going to hurt his boss.

Sure, the timing is strange coming after the election and before the Benghazi investigation FINALLY gets some lift. But I mean, if he’s was going to resign, why in the world would he do it in a way that publicly shames himself and his family in such a way? He was a GOP favorite for 2016, not so much now. He could have taken the heat for Benghazi and STILL been a contender.

Fire off with your best conspiracy theories, but this just looks like an episode of one man’s bad judgement to me. Damn pity. I have long admired his service.