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Freakshow at Gitmo

I guess that this nonsense is how Team blue intends to get around the corner they painted themselves in by decrying indefinite detention of the Gitmo prisoners. By basically turning the trial into an endless ordeal, they get to hold these guys forever, and pretend they aren’t doing just that. What a fucking joke. Maybe Holder should come out and assure everyone that we already know these bastards will be found guilty like he did when he and his boss wanted to send them to civilian court.

There was a rare gem in this tragedy however:

Cheryl Bormann, a lawyer for Mr. bin Attash, was dressed in an abaya, a loosefitting garment worn by observant Muslim women, leaving only her face exposed, and suggested that women on the prosecution team follow her example. They should dress modestly “so that our clients are not forced to not look at the prosecution for fear of committing a sin under their faith,” Ms. Bormann said.

Oh, the irony! The prosecution shouldn’t just decline to follow this idiotic example, they should have as many women dressed as cheap hookers as possible at hand to insult these people. This stupid woman probably thinks these guys like her and they are playing her for all she is worth.