Election Night 2013

No real surprises tonight. As predicted, corporate cronyist and all-around despicable Democrat Terry McAuliffe won the Virginia governor’s race, although it turned out to be much closer than expected. McAauliffe is up by one point with 98% counted. Polls a couple of weeks ago showed a double digit lead. There may be many reasons for the narrowing of the polls — receding anger over the shutdown, rising anger over Obamacare, the natural tendency of polls to narrow. But the biggest is probably that the voters of Virginia, at some point, realized they were about to elect Terry McAuliffe.

While I think Cuccinelli’s history and positions turned a lot of people away, it’s also likely that Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis, who polled a solid-for-a-third-party-that-was-stupidly-excluded-from-debates 7%, cost him the election. So in many way, this is not a bad result. McAuliffe was barely elected and looks weak and will probably be hit by a scandal before I finish this post; the Virginia House stays in Republican hands and some 150,000 Virginians supported the libertarian candidate.

In New Jersey, Christ Christie is winning by over 20 points. For all the whining his RINOhood, Christie has enacted a conservative agenda and now twice done what no Republican Presidential candidate has done since 1988: win a blue state. His speech tonight (like his convention speech in 2012) sounded more like the precursor to a Presidential run. We’ll see what develops.

Also, as expected, New York elected Bill de Blasio as mayor. de Blasio wants to massively increase taxes and spending, create universal pre-K and after school care, charge rent to charter schools and has been endorsed by every liberal celebrity under the sun. It would appear that the 20-year reign of sanity that began with Giuliani has come to a close. New York, don’t say you weren’t warned.