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Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

Nothing drills down a concept to it’s essence better then child curiosity. Not only is their bullshit meter highly advanced but, without the encumbrances of political correctness to cloud their thinking, they require the straightest line possible to the truth, no circuitous primrose path distractions:

“But mommy, why do they call it the religion of peace when they want to kill all the Jews?
Why do they have only two possible outcomes for infidels, either conversion or death?
Why do they still condone honor killings and treat us girls so poorly?
Why would they worship a god that condones and requires the destruction of his own creation?
Why do they enforce blasphemy laws?
And why do they follow the teachings of a pedophile/murderer?”

Heady questions, not easily deflected and certainly worthy of a child’s curiosity. The sooner kids learn that there are bad/crazy/evil-take your pick people out there who do not think like they do, the better off they will be. Not exactly a pleasant lesson, but necessary.