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Running From Romneycare

The CATO Institute, that whacky group of libertarians working directly in the belly of the beast, always does a good job of separating the wheat from the chaff wrt political issues that affect all of us. Their only axe to grind is in their mission statement ,”Promoting public policy based on individual liberty, limited government, free markets, and peaceful international relations”. They also have an uncanny ability to drill down to the heart of the matter, such as this no nonsense video on Romneycare:

It should not surprise anyone that Romneycare has been (and will be) his biggest problem. Now I’m not saying he can’t over come this, not only has he had 4 years to wrap a bow around it and make it presentable, but look at Obama and his negatives (the inexperience, his propensity for voting “present on any legislation of substance, his radical guns views, his stance on BAIPA, his secrecy on his background, and the sordid cast of characters he surrounded himself with), yet, he managed to overcome all of these with the proper presentation.

But so far, Romney has gotten a pass on this healthcare abomination, he has been able to spin it with allegations that it perpetuates states rights, that it is more efficient and less costly, that it did not require him raising taxes, and that he (unlike Obama) did have popular support is enacting the legislation. sadly, very few of these are true. Now it is true that the majority of the tax increases needed to fund Romneycare did occur after he left office, but taxes were increased nonetheless to fund it, no getting around that. Half of Romneycare was financed through increased medicaid spending (federal dollars that all taxpayers fund, not just those in Mass.)

The one difference I will give him is that where Obama rammed his healthcare plan through at the dead of night with no one knowing what was in it and with little support, Romney did a better job of selling his plan and getting it passed into legislation with more of the people behind it, granted in a blue state.

I made the prediction last month that Romney will get the nomination (not going out on a limb considering his ability to draw money and his years of preparing for this moment), but I’m not happy about it. I have always believed that in a straight up fight between true a conservative and a true liberal in a national election, it would not even be close. But we never get to find out. And those leery of Romney tell us that putting up RINO’s never work, using the last election as another example. Personally, I think every election cycle has key issues that if championed properly can hide all the other warts and Romney has some big time warts.

I know many here think just about anyone the GOP puts up can trounce Obama. I took Obama for granted the last time, I know better now.