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California Digs Pit, Throws in Money

It has begun:

California broke ground Tuesday on its $68 billion high-speed rail system, promising to combat global warming while whisking travelers between Los Angeles and San Francisco in less than three hours.

The bullet train project, the first in the nation to get underway, faces challenges from Republican cost-cutters in Congress and Central Valley farmers suing to keep the rails off their fields. Others doubt the state can deliver the sleek system as

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Who’ll Start the Rain?

California is in the grips of a very bad drought? How bad? This bad:

The current drought in California is not only the worst in modern history, but is among the worst in half a millennium. We know this by studying the growth rings of long-lived trees like the Giant Sequoias in the Sierra Nevada, and the Bristlecone pines in the White Mountains of eastern California. In fact, the state has weathered six very dry

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He Just Wanted to Stifle the Competition

Holy shit:

In a stunning criminal complaint, State Sen. Leland Yee has been charged with conspiring to traffic in firearms and public corruption as part of a major FBI operation spanning the Bay Area, casting yet another cloud of corruption over the Democratic establishment in the Legislature and torpedoing Yee’s aspirations for statewide office.

Yee and an intermediary allegedly met repeatedly with an undercover FBI agent, soliciting campaign contributions in exchange for setting up

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What’s the definition of insanity again?

If I recall it correctly, it’s the idiotic notion that if you try the exact same stupid shit over and over, the results suddenly will be different. Case in point liberalism, where the collectivists constantly tell us that whatever tyrannical and idiotic oppressive system their ideology always ends up producing didn’t fail because their ideology is FUBAR, but because the right people were not in charge or someone else – usually the evil capitalists that … Read more

California in the Balance

Well, this is interesting news:

California has been Exhibit A for the fiscal upheaval that has rocked states throughout the recession. Year after year, California officials reported bigger and bigger deficits and sought to respond with spending cuts that left the state reeling.

“The deficit is gone,” Mr. Brown proclaimed, standing in front of an array of that-was-then and this-is-now charts that illustrated what he said were dramatic changes in California’s fortunes.

“For the next

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The Worst Senator in America

Diane Feinstein is having quite a day, today. I have a big post coming up on guns, but let’s lead off with her gun bill. If I read it correctly, many standard handguns would fall under the category of “assault weapons”. It is far broader and far more invasive than her last “assault weapons ban”. It grandfathers in certain weapon but forces owners to register them.

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Whither California?

Many of you, especially those of you who live there, know how screwed up the state of California is. For a long time, the Democrats have blamed this sad state of affairs not on their idiocy, their subservience to public labor unions or their refusal to control spending, but on the Republican minority in the legislature.

Looks like they are going to run out of excuses soon:

Mitt Romney lost to President Obama by a

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Why I Would Not Live in California, Parts 284-286

I’ve actually had good times when I’ve been in California. I know a lot of people who live out there. There are lots of opportunities for science and technology. It’s five hours closer to Australia than my current abode. It would be a lovely place to live … if it weren’t run by a bunch of totalitarian dunces.

Today, we find ourselves amidst a trifecta of good-old fashioned California What the Fuck:

A handful

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3 of 9 on 8

Well, this should get interesting:

A federal appeals court in California has upheld a lower court’s ruling that Proposition 8, the state’s ban on gay marriage, is unconstitutional.

In a 2-1 decision, a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit announced its long-awaited ruling on Tuesday.

Proposition 8 was a 2008 ballot measure, approved by voters, that amended the state constitution to ban same-sex couples in California from getting married.

Walker’s initial ruling was disputed because … Read more


This WSJ on Canada’s Oil sands producing a plethora of jobs deals real well with the difference between us and them when you get information like this:

Yet Canada has outperformed the U.S. since then. In 2010, according to the International Monetary Fund, Canada grew at 3.2% versus 2.9% in the U.S. In 2011, the IMF estimates Canada will grow at 2.9%; unemployment is now 7.3%. The IMF’s U.S. growth forecast is 2.5% this year,

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